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    Antenna mounting center of hood?

    So I'm looking at installing a CB on a truck with a fiberglass cabover. I've read everything I can find about antenna placement, and basically the answer is: there is no good place. From a purely functional standpoint, the only ground plane available is the hood of the truck. Second best...
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    Leer 180 CC cap for a Gen II Tacoma long bed

    This is a rare find! It’s a Leer 180CC (commercial cap), for a Tacoma long bed. It has 3”additional head room, plus a heavy duty double wall roof rated at 500 pounds I believe. Perfect for an RTT. It is painted super white. It has slider windows on the side, and a slider front window. I...
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    What does "Light Weight" mean?/

    I thought I would start this conversation and see where it goes! My basic question is: What does light weight mean to you when talking about truck campers? I'm not talking about what is available, but what sounds reasonable to you?? Background: I've been adventuring in the outback since...
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    From what I have seen the Tufport is exactly what I've been looking for to top off my Tacoma. The problem is that I can't seem to find anyone who actualy has one, or has even seen one. I'd like to get an independent opinion about quality, etc. If I do order one, it will be sight unseen. No...
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    Compact grill

    I just ordered one of these, have a look: Very compact, all stainless construction, carry bag included. It's tough to find good quality compact stuff for solo use. Everything is bigger than I need. This little grill fits...