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  1. grizzlypath

    Sale of the week

    I saw one out trick or treating near my house on Halloween this year. Guy was driving around with kids too. Thing is huge. Front bumper lights look like a space ship.
  2. grizzlypath

    Bronco Portal Axle kits

    If I could afford it it would be pretty cool. We do a lot of snow driving so the added clearance would be really nice.
  3. grizzlypath

    Hard side RTT? Very cool!!

    Hard sided is nice. One downside with this design is in inclement weather it seems like the panel goes down into the sleeping area and the entire thing opens up. One reason I RTT is when it's snowy or rainy out and that would dump everything into the tent and on all your bedding?
  4. grizzlypath

    Software Storage Solution…kinda

    Honestly seems like it could be used to inventory what is in labeled/numbered storage bins in a garage or something too. Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  5. grizzlypath

    How Do You Store Your Garbage?

    Sorry for the bad photo, but I use a larger waterproof dry bag that when it starts to get full goes on the roof. I don't have a tire carrier or anywhere to mount something like a Trasharoo.
  6. grizzlypath

    GaiaGPS Not Syncing

    Gaia has been glitching out a lot more for me lately. 90% of the time I drop waypoints they just don't show up after saving. All other old waypoints will be there, but new ones wont. Then randomly they'll decide to start showing.
  7. grizzlypath

    iKamper Introduces A New Wedge Style RTT and a 270- Degree Awning

    I got to see these in person at their warehouse in Seattle. I think my biggest takeaway for the awning was that it closes into a hard-case instead of a bag. Much slicker look and probably more rugged. Unsure what the weight trade off is. Additionally they have a similar tent in prototyping-...
  8. grizzlypath

    Gas prices & a few grizzly bears...

    $1 increase at my local gas station in 72hrs. Crazy!
  9. grizzlypath

    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    Someone's EV requirements might be greater than an ICE due to the (current) increased risk associated with running out of charge when on a trail. An ICE might only get 300mi, but for remote travel you could bring additional fuel where that is not really possible right now. I know this thread...
  10. grizzlypath

    Switch's 2022 Tacoma Access Cab Build

    Ehh he's fabbing up stuff because it doesn't exist and then putting it out there for others if they need it. If he wants to charge a few bucks for all the R&D then what's the harm in that? You can buy a 3D printer for like $250 and if you have a lot of custom work then it could be worth it. I've...
  11. grizzlypath

    Someone explain why GAIA gets so much love

    For some additional perspective: property lines and ownership info public land lines and info having all USFS landmarks on or hidden topo or satellite or old USFS or new USFS or a million other 24/36/72hr snow forecast Trailforks - biking routes USFS Roads & Trails - forest roads and hiking...
  12. grizzlypath

    Gas prices & a few grizzly bears...

    Ha! I'm from AK and I used to own a Pathfinder :)
  13. grizzlypath

    Gas prices & a few grizzly bears...

    2020 4Runner + 3" lift + 33" Duratrac tires + roof rack >20 mpg on freeway at 55-60 >16-17ish in town short drives >12-16 when trail driving/camping I've been tracking since I bought the vehicle new and have all my data! Going over 65 impacts the fuel economy immensely I found. V^2 and all that.
  14. grizzlypath

    Do we really need a spare?

    Reminds me about how changing a tire never happens on the nice bluebird day at lunchtime. It's always in the middle of nowhere, dark, pouring rain, on the side of a dirt shoulder haha.
  15. grizzlypath


    I've definitely cold weather camped and forgotten my sleeping bag, those were rough nights! One thing I had wished I'd packed, and have since started to pack, was tea. It's nice to have a warm drink at camp!
  16. grizzlypath

    Kenyan Safari

    Excellent photos, beautiful animals and scenery. Thank you for sharing.
  17. grizzlypath

    05 sequoia limited aka “turd crappley”

    That looks fantastic- I like how you were able to retain your stock rear bumper. I've seen some similar set-ups, and it's easier on some vehicles than others. If you get a chance, could you post more pics of how the tire carrier is set-up, mounted, and holes were cut in the bumper cover?
  18. grizzlypath

    Wild camping: In the wrong place at the wrong time

    Nothing creepier than having someone roll into a dispersed (wild) campsite in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. I can't imagine having an entire squad of people pull an operation around my sleeping vehicle! Sounds like you handled it as well as you could, and in my humble...
  19. grizzlypath

    Klaus - 2006 Montero Build

    I really enjoy seeing full family load-outs. Real world car camping packing. Thanks for sharing!
  20. grizzlypath

    Tired of Old Junk but no Interest in Newer 4x4s

    I get it, I used to have a project off-roader and a daily and ended up consolidating into one vehicle to do both that was newer. I was tired of the unreliability and effort and wanted something that I could just use. Upside: reliable and still useable Downside: not old and unique. The "crusty...