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    Drool Worthy Pajero Evo For Sale

    Yeah, the manuals are cool, but they actually fail more often. All the PAJEVOS that entered Dakar were automatics. I agree 34k is good money for this one. A clean red one in the UK hit 60k mark recently.
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    Drool Worthy Pajero Evo For Sale

    Not a bad example, but I'd say its more of an average condition. Paint usually doesn't fade on these and the front bumper/skid has some wear and tear, bolster on the Recaros isn't bad, but not great, and the undercarriage has been painted. Check out the overspray on the upper control arm in pic...
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    Long Range America replacement tank for 80 series

    I have a 24 gal LRA tank in my 80. Pros: I think you know these by now, but not having to worry with jerry cans and the space they take up is really really nice. Especially if you mount them high. Thats for the birds. Cons: Spare tire has to be relocated. Most people will have a 35 and...
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    Aftermarket front/rear bumpers: Yay or Nay

    Minimalist tube might be an option. I had a 2006 4x4 and it just didn’t do well with added weight.
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    WTB: Baja Designs LP6-Amber

    Here ya go. Save $50
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    Any 99-03 Ford Superduty Trucks of Expeditions running ARB Lockers?

    Thinking of doing this as well. Any reviews on the swap itself?
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    Looking for a flatbed cabover shell with cargo access

    Bison just dropped a hardside shell!
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    For those thinking about purchasing a neglected 80. Here's what to estimate for decent baseline and refresh. Numbers are estimated parts cost only/parts+labor. Front axle rebuild: $200/$1000 Oil Pump Gasket/Dizzy ORing/Front main seal/Valve Cover Gasket: $100/$1200 PHH+ Temp Control Valve +...
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    Shaking at 70+ mph

    Sounds like you've hit all the usual suspects. Possibly wheel bearings or the actual steering box. I'm sure you've done this, but lift one front wheel off the ground, grab it with both hands on opposite treads, then shake horizontally back and forth. That would be wheel bearings if they're...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    1991-92 are arguably the worst years of the 80. Everyone who is considering an 80, buy a 95-97. Full float rear axle (avail in 94), better engine (than 91/2), and parts availability make for a better overall ownership experience.
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    Worth it if you can do the work yourself. Not worth it if you can't. 80s are officially a "classic" in my book and even though they are well built and mostly reliable, they need TLC at this point in their lives. If you can provide the labor, the OEM parts (only way to go), are fairly priced and...
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    Composite Slide-In Shell

    Looking to build out a pop-up shell. Looking for the quality of the Overland Explorer Camp-X, but in shell model only. Does a manufacturer exist? I know that OE currently doesn't offer one, and Bison Overland only makes flatbeds. Anybody else out there?
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    Series 80 Snorkel?

    Snorkels installs = instant depreciation.
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    Gotta a chance to buy a LX450

    ^^ This. Buy OEM parts for 80s. Aftermarket just doesn't cut it.
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    Superduty Tire Size - 7.3L

    Leafs are the limiting factor. I'll let the experts chime in, but you'd most likely be rubbing with anything over 35" on stock wheels. Aftermarket with different backspacing will be a different story.
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    SOLD: 2006 Tundra Double Cab 4x4 Limited - San Diego

    Appreciate the word guys. The truck has been sold.
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    SOLD: 2006 Tundra Double Cab 4x4 Limited - San Diego

    Good afternoon ExPo. I'm putting my Tundra up for sale due to a move to Japan. Available September 6th. Located in North Park, San Diego. 2006 Black Double Cab Limited 4x4 with 4.7 V8 and 227k Miles. Asking $10,500 Just smogged last month and registration is current until FEB 2021. Clean...
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    Why SO many used late model RAM 2500s available?

    Yeah, you can't leave us hanging with the 7.3 issues.
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    2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 200 - What to Do?

    Phil, congrats on the purchase. Check out the 200 section on Mud.