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  1. Mc Jedi

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Being in the Pacific Northwest, all I see are branch catchers. Going down a tight forested road with bags hanging off the side just seems to be tempting every bush and tree to do all they can to rip them off.
  2. Mc Jedi

    Help...want USB charging hub for dash tray area

    Unfortunately, the USB strips I used are no longer available, but here is something similar: For mine, I cut off the cigarette adaptor and hard wired it into my ignition...
  3. Mc Jedi

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Use of synthetic rope in place of cable will also reduce the energy transfer to the metal anchor plate if there is a failure.
  4. Mc Jedi

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    The problem with a hood mounted spare on a Jeep is that it would greatly impede the already small windshield view. On a Defender, you have about 6 inches from the bottom of the windshield to the top of the hood, not so with a Jeep. On the topic of carrying Jerry cans on the side, I am actually...