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  1. Plumb Bob

    Wheels wanted

    looking for single wheels to fit Ford 350 DRW, 2019 model which has 17" 8 bolt wheels. Rickson or other brand.
  2. Plumb Bob

    A Fuso FG hybrid

    Would be an interesting build. Hino offers their cabovers with hybrid drive. An electric motor could provide the extra power for pulling grades when loaded. Or perhaps a driveline like the Toyota Rav 4, gas engine for the front, electric motor drives the rear? Plenty of carrying capacity for...
  3. Plumb Bob

    For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

    Located near Rogersville, Missouri, 65742 Purchased new December 2018 @ 6000 miles Warranty reads "36 months from purchase regardless of mileage" I assume it transfers with sale. Flat bed 2" square tube over 2x4" rectangle tube, 3/4 T&G treated decking 119 long x 87" wide, frame rails...
  4. Plumb Bob

    Under cab insulation

    I added a piece of this SuperWool Plus product on the bare metal cab floor above the radiator and fan. I'm chasing the fan noise mostly, I suspect it will help with heat also. It did make a noticeable difference in the sound reduction from the fan on my trial run. Lynn Manufacturing is the...
  5. Plumb Bob

    On the fence about my Fuso

    Just back from my 3rd trip, pulled a 20' THOW 700 miles across Missouri and Tennessee this week. I have a list of pluses and minuses after 4000 miles in this truck. Nice to have 15' of bed, great GVW, tall driving position, great mileage, excellent 4wd performance, gets a lots of stares, a...
  6. Plumb Bob

    The fastest my Fuso has traveled, so far

    I glanced over at the speedometer once to see it north of 80 mph! The wrecker is a 1981 Pete, smooth and powerful. Engine brake replacement an a few recall updates at 2500 miles on the Fuso.
  7. Plumb Bob

    Mirror mod

    My second attempt at moving the mirrors to a below the eye level position. I like being able to see over the mirrors at intersections, and when pulling into traffic. My first mount did not allow enough up- down tilt. 3/4 copper fittings fit over the factory steel tube with a little stretch. I...
  8. Plumb Bob

    Folding step & hitch

    For occasional trailering I decided to have the hitch flow down and include a step that folds also. A few 5/8 bolts remove to fold as well as two diagonal braces. A spring holds the folding step up for backing up against loading docks. The aluminum ramp for camper access is 10' long and...
  9. Plumb Bob

    Loud radiator fan on 2017 Fuso

    I just completed a 800 mile road trip, truck with about 4,000 lbs of camper on back. On steep interstate grades, trying to maintain 60- 65 mph the radiator fan engages for about 45 seconds every minute or so. Ambient air temperature around 40- 45F. It is incredibly loud, needed to put...
  10. Plumb Bob

    2011 Ford 450 2wd

    SOLD! Very nice condition inside and out, a no rust no dents or dings 2nd owner truck. Excellent condition inside, seats have been covered since new. 95,000 miles, Powerstroke diesel, automatic, 16,5000 GVW, truck has been dealer serviced on a regular basis, rear traction, highway steer...