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  1. NothingClever

    '02 Tacoma & '09 FWC Camper Combo

    SOLD: '09 FWC Fleet Camper Product: 2002 Toyota Tacoma with OEM electronic locking differential, PW, PM, PL and CC. I'm the second owner of the truck and it has 77,xxx original miles on it. It's a 2002 with a Toytec Ultimate suspension kit with a 4.88 re-gear (both by Armorology) which allowed...
  2. NothingClever

    My XP V1 Shakedown Thread

    For background, long story short, we've owned a fully-restored Westy, a Technitop RTT on a Can-Back (on an '02 Taco) and an FWC Fleet (same Taco). All fell short of our criteria (which grew / matured over time) so we surrendered to moving on to a larger (yet agile and drivable), more...
  3. NothingClever

    Used Truck Search Resources

    So, I bought a camper (~3k lbs wet & packed) which mounts to a flatbed and now I need a bigger truck. Where do you guys "shop" other than I see folks finding/buying great trucks that I never see online. hasn't been very helpful. I haven't...
  4. NothingClever

    HanWag Boots

    I'm a fan of Meindl boots but have access to HanWag boots at discounted prices. Does anybody have any experience with the Alaska Gore-Tex boot? HanWag in general? Thanks.
  5. NothingClever

    Colorado Front Range MK Dealer

    Does anybody know of a Mountain Khakis dealer along the Colorado front range who has a wide selection and abundant stock? I'll be on vacation for a short 14 days and need to pick up a bunch of clothes before getting back on a plane and heading back to work. I'd like to walk in to a known...
  6. NothingClever

    Four Wheel Camper Customer Service

    I wanted to register a standalone thread about what a great experience I've had with Four Wheel Camper's customer service. Between Tom, Stan, Terry and Chicali, I've always received prompt replies to everything from (a) tire-kicking questions to (b) installation of a used camper (which they...
  7. NothingClever

    Open Water Swimmers

    Just moved to Florida and am getting out of the pool and into the ocean for my swimming workouts. Just wondering if there are others on here to share some training notes, etc. I have a 3 mile race coming up in January in Tampa Bay.
  8. NothingClever

    FS: Can-Back for 1st Gen Tacoma

    SOLD***SOLD***SOLD ITEM: 2008 Can-Back canopy for a 1st Generation Toyota Tacoma ExtraCab or Standard Cab FEATURES: - OEM 3d brake light with in-line fuse. - Ability to open the tailgate without raising the back flap. - Ability to roll the sides up in any configuration (sides only, back...
  9. NothingClever

    FS: Technitop RTT w/ Shower Enclosure

    ITEM: Technitop Rooftop Tent and Technitop shower enclosure CONDITION: Excellent (although a bit dusty from a weekend of travelling county roads all over Colorado). A total of two nights are on the odometer. I set it up 4 times [once when it was new, twice for camping and last time...
  10. NothingClever

    Fleet on a 96-04 Tacoma?

    Does anybody have a picture? I have an opportunity to buy a Fleet or an Eagle and I'm a bit torn. I understand the Fleet is 75" wide above the bed and the Eagle is 69" wide above the bed but despite walking around my '02 Taco with a tape measure, I'm having trouble visualizing whether the...
  11. NothingClever

    FS: Rev'It! Dakar Pants

    WAIST: XL (34-36 waist) LENGTH: Standard (32-34 inch inseam) PRICE: $175 shipped from Colorado to CONUS address WORN: 6 times CONDITION: Excellent - all zippers are perfect, waterproof and thermal liners are perfect, no wear marks, no exhaust scars, thigh scuff pads are clean, no stitching...
  12. NothingClever

    Pick-Up Cabinet Concept Akin to Westfalia Cabinetry

    Hey Folks, First post for me. Already used the search function, too. Closest things I could find were almost but not quite what I'm after so I thought I'd start a new thread. I have a plan to build a set of slide out cabinets (left side and right side) for my '02 Tacoma. I'm debating...