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    Wind River Ranging

    Part 1 [On the Road] We were westbound in western Kansas. The rainbow was out the passenger side of the Nissan. We were bound for a place of isolation fifteen hours away because I bought a map and guidebooks a decade ago. Surely this had to be a good sign. We had planned it all out in April...
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    Yellowstone Backcountry Trails

    Part 1 [Introduction] Back in late summer 2009, five of us friends got together and drove overnight to Yellowstone National Park. It was high time for us to be there. The place had been founded in 1872, after all. We had two backpacking hikes planned out. We hit the ranger station and got our...
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    Easter Jeep Safari & Beyond...Eight Years Later

    Part 1 [A Trip Report from 2012?] Yes, this is a report from an eight year-old event. Like everyone else, I wasn't able to get out to the desert this spring because of the pandemic. So I had to go through some old photos and re-live some memories. So here we are. This was my first and only...
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    Death Valley Introduction

    Part 1 [In the Beginning] I'd been wanting to go there for a long time. Death Valley. The massive area that it is. All the offerings of a great desert. A friend and I finally decided to pull the trigger and just drive there. He had made a brief visit there a year or two earlier, and had...
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    Jeep Museum Coming Soon

    It looks like the museum is being planned for Toledo, Ohio. I don't see myself seeking it out as a destination. I might stop by if I was in the area. Link:
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    Grand Canyoneering

    I've had the good fortune to hike in the Grand Canyon several times. The first time was in November 2007. Here's a report on that trip. 2007 Part 1 [Introduction] A good friend of mine had been backpacking in the place a couple of times before. We both worked overnight together. He would talk...
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    The Maze at Canyonlands: Pilgrimage to the Doll House

    Part 1: Prologue "Each visit to The Maze convinced us all that we must return again." -Kent Frost, My Canyonlands: I had the freedom of it ----- I've really fallen in love with the desert over the last 10 years. I've had the good fortune to explore the American West and this is the report of one...
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    Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah

    Part One [Introduction] This a report from a trip two friends and I took in October 2012. We drove all night to get to Southern Utah in my friend's brand new, 2012 double-cab, short-bed, TRD Off-Road, Toyota Tacoma. He had just outfitted it with sliders, aluminum skid plates, and a soft topper...
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    Badlands Nat'l Park & Buffalo Gap Nat'l Grassland

    Part One [Arrival at Badlands National Park] I had an opportunity this month to head to South Dakota and visit the Badlands. I had been to the area when I was around 11 or 12 on family vacation. My memories of it were just driving through, visiting the Black Hills, and seeing Mount Rushmore...
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    Buffalo National River

    Earlier this month, Two friends and I went to NW Arkansas to camp and explore around the Buffalo National River area. ----- We spent our first nights at the campground at Kyles Landing. ----- We arrived on a weekday and it was less than half full. It was good spot because it was close to some...
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    Premium & High End Ice Chests & Coolers Reviews

    My old Coleman cooler is reaching the end of it's lifespan. It must be around 8 years-old. I love it and we've been all over together, but it's old. The hinges and handles aren't what they used to be. It's stained all over. The latch (which I replace a couple of years ago) has broken off again...
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    Indian Cave State Park

    I spent a couple of nights with Ex-Coloradan at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska this weekend. The Nebraska Games and Park Commission calls the park "Nebraska's Best Kept Secret." We enjoyed the visit, and I would like to go back in the future. _____ It was about 35 degrees F when we arrived...
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    My Colorado Travelings

    -Aug. 2012- I was able to spend some time in Colorado in the summer of 2012. Here's a few details about that trip... _____ I started off in the Sangre de Cristo Range near Westcliffe. I spent the first night car-camping in the national forest near the trailhead to get to South Colony Lakes...
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    Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark

    This thread was originally intended to be only about Monument Rocks. It has since grown to cover more Kansas landmarks. _____ Monument Rocks _____ During the summer of 2012 I stopped and visited Monument Rocks, located in Western Kansas. It's quite an unbelievable place to find, given the...
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    Big Bend National Park

    In November 2013, two friends and I went to Big Bend. Here's a small report about the trip. ____ It was pretty foggy for some of the days we were there. Sometimes it cleared up by afternoon, sometimes it did not. ____ We first checked out a couple of places like Castolon and Santa Elena Canyon...