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  1. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    Mon francais est un peu merde, but I think I got the gist of it. Thanks for the link, there's a couple of interesting things there... those interior panels, for one.
  2. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    Next, the spare tire carrier. I'm semi-consciously trying to avoid having to get into the water, heating and electrics, which are where my efforts probably should be right now. I've looked at various ideas on how to accomplish this. The over-sized tire (255/85/16) no longer fits in the original...
  3. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    I attended a meetup of an overlanding-themed Facebook group arranged by a local supplier of 4x4 stuff. There was, obviously, some offroad-stuff as well. The measured Ramp Travel Index of this particular Sprinter is a whopping 157 (a stock Wrangler will do 500-600), but we all knew this thing is...
  4. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    This is supposed to be a build thread, so I should probably add some build pics. Below: I decided to vinyl wrap the box; it was expensive, time-consuming despite working with only flat surfaced, and resulted in various annoying mistakes. Time will tell how it holds up. Below: glueing the...
  5. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    Parked next to another Sprinter; same model, wheelbase, color, but 2WD and on stock tyres.
  6. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    Hej Bernhard! The box took a lot longer to assemble than I anticipated, and if I did it again I would probably skip the alcove and work on a raised sleeping solution of some kind, even though it would be difficult to accomplish sleeping for four that way. The alcove adds a lot of extra work, and...
  7. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    Apologies for the lack of updates. I've assembled the box, and went for a quick test run to the Lofoten islands. And took the kids for a short drive around the Finnish archipelago. No squeaks, rattles, hums, whistling or similar issues, thankfully. Right now, it's basically an empty shell, a...
  8. MLu

    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    I'm using Sika 221 with 207 primer to attach the anodized aluminium profiles to the FRP panels. I called Sika and had a nice chat with one of their product managers. They sent over the charts for prep and primers and a bunch of other technical stuff. According to them, the key to proper...
  9. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    I ended up removing the flatbed, mainly for weight savings, and am installing an aluminium subframe. Since the whole front of the vehicle is solidly welded to the frame, and both frame rails come together in the rear with a solid chunk of metal, I decided to go with a standard subframe solution...
  10. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    I'll just grab this space for later.
  11. MLu

    DOKA Sprinter 4x4 build

    I've been looking for the next step up from sleeping in the back of my Discovery II, but I think I may have skipped a few steps on the way... I bought a 2014/15 dual cab (906.233) 4x4 flatbed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The idea is to build it up to be a four-person, four-season, four-wheel drive...
  12. MLu

    Any Hiace 4x4 Van owners out there?

    Nice! Those old Hiaces used to be absolutely everywhere over here (Finland), but I think most of them have been shipped to Africa. There were just a handful 4WD of the versions for sale right now. They are the quintessential "some crappy old van" over here, but even now they were asking 2-4000 €...
  13. MLu

    Discovery 2

    Well, since the question was "in comparison to other offroad vehicles"... I've had mine for a few years now, and gone on a couple offroading trips. It holds up well, especially when comparing stock (with M/Ts) to stock. I was surprised to see how well it did when driving a really sloppy wet snow...
  14. MLu

    2001 Discovery II input

    Weeeell, the Disco 2 was never in the Camel Trophy (but that doesn't stop me from wanting to sandglow mine). But yes, this subject has been covered. If you want it, buy it - if not, don't. I daily drive mine, repair it when something critical breaks and frankly maintenance has been... sporadic...
  15. MLu

    Round the world in 1957

    Ooh, interesting. The thread above mentions a 90 minute video and it's clear from the short clip that there is a lot more video material. Anyone know if there's more video from the expedition anywhere?
  16. MLu

    Normal Family of 4 - 39 days MO, KS, OK, NM, CO, UT, NV, OR, CA, WA. + AZ and TX

    Those are some excellent photos, especially from the beaches and the coast.
  17. MLu

    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Holy smokes. I just went and read your thread over on allrad lkw (after having read this one first)... You're insane, I love it. Painting a part that nobody will ever see three times to get it just perfect? Yeah, sounds about right.
  18. MLu

    Very good truck adventure Videos

    I speak a bit of german and I found it really pleasant to watch, but for the two newest episodes they've added english subtitles. This really is some high-quality stuff, good find!
  19. MLu

    Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

    Nice, not every day somebody asks you to outfit a fleet of expedition vehicles. It might not look as cool as a Defender, but especially with a few mods the disco will allow you to get stuck in very complicated places as well. I think this has been discussed and shot down before, but why not go...
  20. MLu

    Used over lander

    My guess would be through personal contacts or forums (which is a bit of a problem if you don't speak the language...) It seems to me that Germany and Austria are the countries with the biggest interest in overlanders at the moment, and probably where you'll find the used ones as well...