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    Build progress 2001 FUSO

    I dont have much to say other than I have my head down and am making progress. My build has a ramp door in the back so I can transport my toys…mainly dirt bikes. It will also be nice to have a back deck when its warm out! I made the back door/ramp out of steel to support the two spares...
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    Source for aluminum siding 7' (84") in width?

    Do anyone of you know where in the USA I can buy 84" wide, painted rolled aluminum to side my build. I see may cargo trailer manufactures with seamless one piece sides on them. I can find 49" x 84" all day long. There is also .040 for roofing in 102" but its not painted and I would have lots of...
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    Source for coiled aluminum siding!

    For some reason I am having a rough time finding coiled, painted aluminum in 7 or 8 foot widths. You see all kinds if cargo trailers with one piece aluminum sides???? Where do they get the stuff? I have called metal distributors and rv repair shops and am at a dead end. Any help with a direct...
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    Composite wall manufacturer in USA

    I am looking for a thin composite panel manufacturer in the US. I am looking for a thin 1/4" to 1/2" panel with finished fiberglass on one side. I have contacted Crane and am on my third day and fourth person……not sure anyone knows what they even sell. My build is aluminum stick framed.
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    Any recommendations on pre built doors and windows?

    I need my side door and windows before I start framing my FUSO build. My walls will be 2x2 aluminum so frames need to work with my build. There is lots of doors and windows available but I can't really tell the quality. Anyone with recommendations please speak up. If you really had a bad...
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    LED tail light woes!

    Ok I have a 2001 FUSO FG. I installed LED turn signals on my truck bed. Of course I got the hyper flash. I then installed 50w 6 ohm resister and I still have a hyper flash. I doubled the resistance and got the same hyper flash. When I use the four ways I get a slow or normal flash. Anyone have a...
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    Fuso FG build ideas

    Before I started I needed ideas for my build. Thought some one might like to see another builders method or madness. So far I have had good results.
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    75 gallon tank …to much weight?

    I have been given a 75 gallon or 284 liter fuel tank with mounting hardware that is in perfect condition. I would like to replace my stock tank but read a thread on frame stress from a large fuel tank . I can easily fab backing hardware but an still proceeding with caution. Any thoughts or...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    I have read as many forums, blogs and web pages as I can find regarding FUSO frame flex. It seems the 100mm or 4" is the max. I am getting to the point within the next few days that I need to fab the frame attachment points. Please speak up with your numbers. There are many choices of spring...
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    AC relocation tips with 37" wheels.

    As one can see I have a clearance problem with my AC unit. Anyone been down this road? I have a 2001 and have just mounted new wheels and tires and ran into a situation. My tires are 37x12.5 R17.
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    Tire choices for 17x9 rims?

    After a long wait and may $ my rims arrived in the USA. I have been looking at tires and have only found two choices at this time. Any other choices you have found would be helpful. Also any personal experience with 17" tires would be helpful. I want to maintain as close to my trucks stock GVW...
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    Who has ordered wheels from Marsh Racing?

    I called Marsh Racing today and he was very willing to build me wheels. He quoted me $129 per wheel plus $40 shipping to NV. Sound s to good to be true. He also stated that he uses a flat plate. Dose a flat plate give me the offset I need? What is the offset I need? I have all the numbers but...
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    5 lug Fuso rim measurement HELP

    I am having some 17x9 rims built buy Stockton Wheel. They have the patten for the 6 lug but do not have the 5 lug. I have the know how and tools to figure this out myself but why? I know that one of you already has those numbers. I will keep you posted on how this goes. I was discouraged talking...
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    Rim off set distance Fuso FG?

    I am having some rims made up buy Trail Worth Fab and wanted to make sure my off sets our correct. My question is, are axel widths the same for the 5 lug trucks and the 6 lug trucks? Andy was quoting me 4.5" and 2.5". I have a 2001 FG with the 5 lug rims.