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    Electric front diff lock for canters now available..

    Another world first for expedition portal, we now have an electric front diff lock for mitsubishi canters, over 2 years in the making finally done, made in Australia..
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    Toyota Coaster alloy singles

    We supplied our first set of forged 17x8 alloy singles to for their 4wd coasters today!!:smiley_drive: will post some pic's when i get them.
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    Interesting company..
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    new recovery tracks for large offroad vehicles

    Just arrived today, it's been about 2 years in the making but finally a recovery track for the larger offroad vehicles, no fancy colors yet just orange, they measure up at 400mm wide and 1500mm in length, price you ask! $300aud a set.
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    fuso 4x4 rebuild

    Hi everyone, I finally have had time to start my rebuild, it's a 1991 canter (fuso) 4x4. Originaly I purchased it on Ebay as a rust free mechanically sound vehicle, but when it arrived I was in shock! rust, cracks in the chassis, a well used and abused maintenance vehicle, what to do was the big...
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    canter rims

    Just purchased a canter 4x4 91 model turbo diesel, i hope to convert to a camper, I;m trying to find a supplier of super single rims in Australia 16x7 at least! can anyone help me.