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  1. ThundahBeagle

    Having Difficulty Pricing my F-150 to Sell

    I'm a little late to the party but this is exactly what Kelly blue book is for. Just go to their website and plug in the details as you have listed at the correct prompts, list your zip code and they will spit out a range. You can select private sale, or trade-in
  2. ThundahBeagle

    Truck Cap Aerodynamics: Wedge vs Standard

    Also, is this shell aluminum or fiberglass? I wager, if you want it because it is stronger than normal fiberglass, and if you intend on putting a rack or basket full of stuff up there, that stuff will cause a bigger hit on fuel economy than the slope or not?
  3. ThundahBeagle

    Truck Cap Aerodynamics: Wedge vs Standard

    The bugs are on the tob bar, I am guessing, because you have a roof basket preventing any getting on the slope of the cap?
  4. ThundahBeagle

    Leer, ARE, other?

    I've got a fiberglass Leer 180 with Cap Rac by the old Trac Rac company (previously of Massachusetts, now owned by Thule) bars on top, and windows. Though I prefer a cab-high look, I like the little extra height of the 180 model in practice because I don't crouch way down as easy as I used to...
  5. ThundahBeagle

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Near me they are asking $21k for 2018 with just over 80k miles, and up to $27/28k for ones with 40k miles. I'm trying to stay on the lower end of the mileage scale because I'm daily driving 500 miles per week. In 4 years, a car with 80k Mike's will be creeping up near 200 thousand miles and I...
  6. ThundahBeagle

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    I love the new Forester Wilderness but they are a bit pricey and marked up. So I have been looking at 2019 -2020 Forester Sports. I stumbled on an ad for an 18 Forester XT Touring and nearly dropped my lunch. First near the same price as a 20 Sport I can get the same options but with a saddle...
  7. ThundahBeagle

    Remember the tough old IH Scout? It’s coming back in ‘26 as a New EV! But WTH, it’s a VW???!!!)

    Disappointed that another US name brand ultimately belongs to some European company. That includes Jeep. At least Chevy will have the Silverado z71/trail Boss in electric, butthe electric Silvy is really an Avalanche and a lot of older accessories won't fit
  8. ThundahBeagle

    Here we go again

    I feel that I have to go check the thread with your latest GM truck and find out what happened to it...
  9. ThundahBeagle

    Does Anyone Actually Use Their House Water for Drinking?

    Correct. Just go get a new puppy and you will find out. They gotta get shots for it
  10. ThundahBeagle

    1996 K1500 Build

    Uh...wife = keeper!
  11. ThundahBeagle

    Towing a Suzuki Samurai

    Just put it up on the roof and strap it down good
  12. ThundahBeagle

    Bub’bye to the 2 WD Ford Super Duty Trucks

    Very true. Vehicles are manufactured to higher standards now and easily last 10 years. Often 15 or more. At 50 and 70 grand for a new truck, the average car loan, creeping towards 7 years. What's the warranty for your Dell laptop out of the box? 3 years. So a lot of your vehicle's...
  13. ThundahBeagle

    Routing coax to the roof rack

    I'm not sure what you are driving other than the range rover you mention. In trucks like mine, there is a vent behind the back seat that leads to the outside of the cab, between the cab and bed. While I know this, only unterminated coax will get through, so I never took the time. I have run...
  14. ThundahBeagle

    Did Any of You Get the F-150 Payload/Total Loaded Truck Weight Display Option?

    I think I did read about this. The tail light was the one that got me. LED does have that capability. I was at Museum of Boston in the late 1980's when there was a demonstration of how LED tail lights could be used to display messages. I thought it was cool, but useless. Kind of like my...
  15. ThundahBeagle

    Bub’bye to the 2 WD Ford Super Duty Trucks

    Back in the early 1980's in the Adirondacks, we hauled the bulk of our firewood in a 2wd '78 Ford single cab, 8 ft bed (nice metallic deep forest green). I want to say it was a Ranger back when they were a full sized truck. I couldn't stand that it was 2wd, but the farmer up the road had a...
  16. ThundahBeagle

    Bub’bye to the 2 WD Ford Super Duty Trucks

    I don't know. I'd say the Ranger is geared more towards some adventure, some offroad fun, and light work. Mav is more zipping around town and extremely light work. Home size mulch hauler (in bags) vs just dumping a load of mulch in there. And there's the hybrid. So while I thought as you...
  17. ThundahBeagle

    Rigid Tool Boxes on sale

    By all means, tell any employee that will listen. But tell the manager for sure. Ask for the manager and have the patience to wait for them to arrive. Then let them know. Another employee isn't the boss of the other employees, they are equals. The manager, now we are talking about someone...
  18. ThundahBeagle

    Rigid Tool Boxes on sale

    I hate to see anyone out of work except those who don't do their jobs. That lazy, rude employee deserves to be out of work. If he was scared of heights or something, he could have asked another employee to get it for you. There is a distinct lack of good customer service going around, and it...
  19. ThundahBeagle

    Stink in stored duffles, best way to get rid of bad odors?

    Throw a skunk in there. Then wash it out with tomato juice? I'm with @billiebob (and everyone else) on this one. Except the mountain climbing part. That's scary.