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    Best Pee Jars?

    My wife's mind is below mine in the gutter. She saw the picture, and mentioned possibilities I didn't recognize.
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    Running 110v a/c off alt and inverter while driving

    If load amps are listed at 120vac, then multiply that times 10 for amps from a 12v battery and inverter. Add a few more battery amps for inverter loss of efficiency. In testing for air conditioner operation, don't quickly shut down, then quickly attempt a restart without allowing time for...
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    ldea's for keeping one's water system from freezing ?

    Heat trace tape if possible to install. Typically 7 watts (120vac) per foot. If no 120vac source, use an inverter sized for total wattage needed. Placement of thermostat sensor directly on pipe rather than outside air can limit run time. So can insulation wrap. Be aware that some glow...
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    Residential (120v) fridge through inverter - check my math?

    Well crap! I feel like an idiot going to the trouble to rewiring to always on when the inverter 120VAC shows up, then using the original fridge thermostat to turn on the inverter. Thanks. It'll be faster and easier if there's a next time. Although it's not been an issue, that would also get...
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    Need to find a way to connect three hoses w/o leaking!

    What pith helmet said. If the water pump is always switched on, and water pressure is always maintained, those thumper pumps' shut-off pressure is higher than I prefer. I wouldn't allow that on something that travels around. Forcing yourself to operate a toggle switch to power the pump...
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    House battery charging via solar, alternator, OR generator.

    What kind of house battery, lead-acid or lithium? What capacity?
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    I'm killing batteries -- time to go LiFePo4?

    If you're using batteries with access, an inexpensive specific gravity tester is a very handy device.
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    I'm killing batteries -- time to go LiFePo4?

    Showing fully charged does not indicate how well it will power a load. Have it load tested or make a simple load tester. My 12v fridge varies from about 3.5-5.0 amps. A 60 watt incandescent headlamp connected to the battery with a voltmeter attached should indicate the mid-twelves for an...
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    No start / shaking gauges 2006 Xterra

    ^^^^^ Duh, brain dead moment, thanks for the memory jog. Place the test leads directly to the battery posts. Try to start the vehicle. If the battery voltage drops to the 6-7 vdc posted earlier in the crank test, sounds like bad battery. The next paragraph is foolhardy, from many memories...
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    No start / shaking gauges 2006 Xterra

    Sounds like a poor connection at a battery post. Turn on the headlights. Bright? If so, and the lights dim while attempting to make it go "raw-raw-raw", clean the battery terminals. Or, using a voltmeter, place one test lead on the battery post, and the other on the same battery post...
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    I have a jump starter- should I still carry jumper cables?

    When using cables or a jump pack for a battery that the source cannot both charge and crank, remove one battery cable, attach cables/jump pack, start engine, quickly reattach battery cable. If nervous about the above, for various reasons, be patient. Typical starting batteries will only...
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    Block heater question?

    Mainly safety for a DIYer. USA 120vac grounded neutral has no potential with respect to ground. Choice number one for me would be Verkstad's 15 dollar plug in monitor. Number two is Betarocker's sizzle test. Number three is Grassland's resistance test. Number four would be a short...
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    Block heater question?

    If you're comfortable doing so, a simple analog AC ammeter, placed in series on the neutral wire at the source, will show amps while the heater is on.
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    Basic bare bones solar power controller?

    Playing repeat from another post above. Being able to read charging amps on the controller's screen without having to use something else is a definite plus. Becoming familiar with typical maximum charging amps when required will alert you to possible connection problems, dirty panels, panel...
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    Fridge Controller for Danfoss/SECOP powered fridges/freezers

    This is in no way to detract from the wonderful info above. Very educational and appreciated. What’s below is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the OP and is somewhat thread drift. Since the compressor starts AND stops by grounding and ungrounding the T wire, possibly running the T wire...
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    Fridge Controller for Danfoss/SECOP powered fridges/freezers

    Does grounding, then ungrounding the T terminal start AND stop the compressor?
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    How to swap out the thermistor in your Dometic CFX

    Same problem on an older Edgestar, which has the sensor buried and inaccessible. They realized the problem, and buried a second, spare sensor on later models. Since the compressor wanted to run excessively due to the thermistor lie, I cut a feed wire to the compressor and ran it through a...
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    Working out the kinks in solar system.

    It appears your shunt may only be passing current from the suitcase panel, and the current shown is an average 100 watt panel output. It also appears no current from the permanent panels is going through the shunt because of the wire from the far right side of the negative bus bar to the...
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    DC to DC Charger with Isolator?

    How have you monitored charging current and voltage to the 100AH AGM portable? Most 100AH AGM as well as typical lead-acid group size batteries will only accept about 40 amps maximum at mid-fourteen charging volts, then amps typically decrease to thirty or less rather quickly. The battery...