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    Ford front bumpers

    In the late 90s, Ford modified the E series bumper with a large hole in the middle of it. Presumably to allow additional cool air to flow into the radiator and such. I see a lot of aftermarket bumpers don't have this. Is it generally accepted this large opening is not really needed?
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    Advise on removing a high top?

    I bought a high top out of a junkyard the other week. $100! Great condition, it was on a Double Tree shuttle van. Plus, I got the roof HVAC system with it, so I'll have rear heat and A/C! But, the damn thing isn't sitting on a gasket, they glued/caulked the entire thing down. I removed all the...
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    Miley, a 2002 E350 conversion

    I thought I'd start a thread to document the rather slow conversion I'm doing to my van. Purchased it 2 years ago, in September of 2017. I had helped a friend of mine get a van about 6 months before, so that got me thinking about them. I had had Subaru wagons for many years before buying this...
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    Insulate underneath body?

    Has anyone tried insulating a floor underneath the body of the van? I'm curious if this would be a viable option, given the vast amount of room under my E350. Something like foam board on the underside of the body, with a protective layer under that to keep road debris from destroying it?