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    L322 Spare Parts and Field Tool Kit

    I am working on a spare parts and field tool kit for my 2005 4.4 L322. I mostly travel in rural but not remote areas so I want self sufficiency but I’m not looking to rebuilt the truck in the field, worst case I’ll have it towed to a shop assuming I can limp out to pavement. Below is what I have...
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    Is a RTT or ground tent better for my use?

    I think I want a RTT but I have one big concern. We do not dispurse camp, where we do the majority of our trail riding you can only camp in designated areas so we typically setup a base camp and spend the day adventuring coming back to the base camp in the evening. I’m worried setting up and...
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    Does anyone have a River Quiver with a RTT on their rig?

    Hello Everyone, I am start to want a RTT I think. My question is does anyone have photos of a River Quiver 2 Banger with a RTT on their vehicle? Ideally I would open the RTT towards the read since my cross bars are biased aft and retain my River Quiver for my fly rods.
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    Old Man Emu Shocks

    I’ve tried searching this here but unfortunately because the brand name is so short it won’t trigger results! I have a 2002 P38 that is still on EAS, I am looking to replace the original shocks. I drive a lot of dirt roads with washboard in Florida exploring and it seems that the OME...
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    2020 4Runner ARB Bumper, Has Anyone Installed One Yet?

    Hello Everyone, Our family is growing plus two from an adoption so I need a seven seater. A 4Runner with the third row is a good fit for a trail capable daily driver while being more affordable to purchase new than the Discovery (I'm a Rover guy at heart). The 2020 4Runner comes standard with...
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    For Sale or Trade: 1992 Range Rover Classic SWB Alpine White $1,500

    Location: Pensacola, FL Willing to consider trade for a enduro bike like a KLR650 or similar Japanese enduro. Our family has been selected to adopt two little girls so with my wife and son also in the inclusion I am parting with the Classic. I am going to mainly focus on my P38 for now...
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    My Renegade BU Overlander

    My daily driver (VW Golf Sportwagen) crapped the bed on me and I ended up needing a new DD before I was planning on buying a new vehicle. We are in the middle of searching for/buying a new house and I was waiting to buy a nice pre-owned Range Rover L405 or Volvo XC90. I originally bought my new...
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    My Two Range Rover Builds, P38 & RRC

    Hello Everyone, I’ve owned several different 4x4 vehicles but always end up coming back to LR. My first car was a P38 and I’ve now owned three. I found this P38 in Mississippi, it is a one owner vehicle with 143k on the clock. To say it was neglected is an understatement, I’ve been working on...
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    2002 Discovery II with only 103k Miles Unmolested

    The local import dealer in Pensacola has a clean 2002 Discovery II they just traded. It has 103k miles on it. I looked it over and it’s mint with very few small items needed to be done. It has always lived in Florida and California so it is rust free. Unmolested and ready for someone to build...
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    200 Series Lockers/Traction Control

    Hello Everyone, I am in the market for a new trail rig and even though I’m leaning towards a Jeep WK2 or Rover L322 I’ve been investigating Land Cruisers a little. My question is does the 200 Series come from the factory with lockers or some type of traction control system for off-road use...
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    Looking for some feed back from WK2 owners. My current P38 isn’t reliable enough for us to comfortably trail ride and get far off the beaten path. I’ve always loved my Rovers but I’m thinking I want something domestic (not as flashy as a newer Rover) and hopefully a little more reliable. My...