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    Autohome Airtop tent (Size Small) - Bay Area

    Selling my beloved Airtop Tent that I purchased from Dogpilot in 2017. I have used this twice since I bought it from him, and unfortunately our new vehicle does not support the weight of the tent. We used it once in Tahoe for a climbing weekend, and another time in Point Reyes for a long...
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    WTB: Authome US Air Top Tent - Small in NoCal

    Long shot, but just seeing if anyone in NoCal is interested in selling their Maggiolina Air Top tent, size small. Unfortunately I missed 2 PMs because my alert settings weren't setup correctly, and I missed out on two great deals in the area. Anyway - definitely reach out if you have one...
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    Maggiolina Airtop Medium in Reno - CL

    Would buy this in a heartbeat if it was a small, but the seller informed me it is indeed a medium: Good deal for someone in the area!