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  1. PhulesAU

    Horton minimod ambulance build thread

    You stole the wackers school bus!!!:eek:(y) keep the updates coming.
  2. PhulesAU

    CB Tuning: Bad SWR Meter, Bad Antenna, Bad CB?

    Just remember Workman products are not know for high quality..... Do you have another radio to try it on? because if you can talk to somebody 100 yards away, I'm going bad radio.
  3. PhulesAU

    Trailer in Houston area CL
  4. PhulesAU

    New member in need of some Wagoneer 4x4 help!

    If those links don't help, try
  5. PhulesAU

    Operating cost of earthcruisers?

    I guess it depends on if you go out and flop it over.
  6. PhulesAU

    Fire at Blue Sea Systems Facility

    They did, on several occasions!!
  7. PhulesAU

    Fire at Blue Sea Systems Facility

    Hmmm, a warehouse full of plastic parts and they didn't think think a sprinkler system was a good idea?? Just becuase it wasn't required when the building was erected is not a valid excuse.
  8. PhulesAU

    Nice article from

    Nice, thanks for posting. I can really appreciate a camper built for a 6'5" guy!!!
  9. PhulesAU

    4High with locked differentials?

    I R totally ignorant on G550s but how do they activate? Air or Electric? I know this was an issue with Jeep Rubicons.
  10. PhulesAU

    Would this bracket be a viable HAM antenna mounting point? Here's more info on the subject, Lots of photos too. Are you keeping the Jeep long term? I mounted my NMO style antennas in the hood just to the outside of the hinges. Easy to remove when folding hood back, and the performance is as good as a roof mount for our...
  11. PhulesAU

    Would this bracket be a viable HAM antenna mounting point?

    X2 new Jeeps are very noisy, bong and grounds are essential. you could put a good 5/8 wave on that thing no problemo. here's another guys story.
  12. PhulesAU

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    LOL I drove a 04 Jeep with a soft top and half doos. What are power door locks??? Power seat windows locks mirrors are all on the not needed list. A/C and a good stereo, with leg and head room are deciding factors. That being said , I have a pretty good stereo guy foe after market. One...
  13. PhulesAU

    Any hiking near N TX???
  14. PhulesAU

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Good to know! A sunroof is definitely NOT a requirement for us.
  15. PhulesAU

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Cool pictures everyone. I'm getting out of a Real Jeep Lj because of mobility problems ( just getting in and out) of it. And I'm liking the looks of the Subarus , especially since it'll be a DD and mild exploring vehicle. If I were to start with the 2010 year models to present, what model would...
  16. PhulesAU

    I know how he feels . What a nightmare

    Glad I'm not paying the bill.
  17. PhulesAU

    Modified Grand Wagoneer reliability?

    My typing skills are crap. It went into neutral and stuck / stayed there. As for why? I guess he just wanted to, I wouldn't even consider it unless the water was knee deep and a muddy sandy bottom.
  18. PhulesAU

    Alternator causing battery drain? Tractor

    Be cheap?? install a switch and call it a Anti Theft device??
  19. PhulesAU

    Modified Grand Wagoneer reliability?

    LOL.... Once upon a time...... This guy his wife and kids , were out on a sunny day cruising the country side. They came to a low water crossing and since they had a fancy new truck with 4 wheel drive, they thought it would be a good place to try it. He reached up and turned the knob to...
  20. PhulesAU

    What is a Ruger flattop blackhawk realistic value?

    Check around for " Cowboy action shooting" That's the venue for that type/style revolver.