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    Cell phone booster

    The internet is a crazy wonderful thing. It gives you all kinds of ideas that just pop Up! So I saw an add for a cell phone booster and I wondered if it can boost you signal enough to,use in a navigation scenario where you would. Ordnarily have no service?
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    Jump starter recommendations

    Any recommendations for one? Orw has one cslled a power start i think ? I also came scross another by anti grsvity batteries. There are probably more any recommendations? And why that one? Thanks
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    Down load map file sizes and topo usa?

    I have been having a tough time with both bcn and topo usa i thought i had it all figured out and proceeded to load most of the western us on to a 128 gig sd card in the Lenovo tablet. So it seemed like every thing was working fine and then when i would go to zoom to the level of detail i...
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    Lenovo tablet problems and maybe a Magellan in my future

    I have a 10.4 lenovo tablet i hsve been using topo usa as the software to navigate . I thought i had it all nailed only not ! i down loaded most of the western usa ca oregon az chunks of Nevada. In blocks based on general area . I used a max level of 15 but on my test runs the...
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    Off road lights

    What off road lights are you running if any? and why? where are you mounting them? do you have any reccomendations for lights . I am thinking of going with a smal set of cube lights 2 spots on the bumper and 2 floods on the bumper. so idon't wan tto spend a bunch. budget and quality...
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    5 bfg ko 2 all terrain 285/70/17 33inch dis

    These are off a 2018. Eep rubicon. Jlur. They are original equipment on the rubicon 4 tires have 13000 miles on them and about 80 tread life left. The 5 th tire has never touched the ground. New they would be 1150 at discount. For sale 650 obo. Carlsbad ca Pm me if interested Thanks
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    Jeep jlur Ome roc rails

    OME rock rails from 2018 Jeep Wrangler rubicon. JL. 150 Will not fit jk150 obo. Souther ca San Diego area
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    JLU. Rubicon factory rock rails

    Replaced the rock rails with side steps. Theses will fit only a jl not a jk only 4 dr $150 or best. Southern ca. San Diego Orange co LA riverside san
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    Are snorkels noisy

    Do snorkels make a lot of wind noise at highway speeds
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    Planning a trip

    Maybe many of you younger folks won’t remember this. But back in the old days you could go into aaa get what was called a trip ticket. What is was the trip you wanted to take plotted out on a map booklet that was about 3x8. Each page was a map of your route highlighte with each turn marked. A...
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    rtt and soft top jeep

    I am about to buy an ew JLU. but I am going soft top I was wondering what if any solution any has found to running a soft top and an Rtt that doesn't involve the installation of a permanent rack. See at that point I would just opt for a ursa minor
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    new version of google earth

    Well this is frustrating I down loaded the new version of google earth. I had alot of trails and stuff mapped out on the old version . I can find a way to drop a pin in the new version, and I can't drag and drop my places form th eold version to the new version. The new version runs in chrome...
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    Keeping it simple

    While I am totally a gear guy and would love to spend $$$$$ on my ride to get out to the sticks and just camp . The reality is and for most here I suspect we just don't have the bucks to do all that we want. I mean in the world of 175,000 off road trucks, 6000 - 9000 for an Ursa minor (...
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    Not quite SAR

    I am wondering id there is an organization that does not quite SAR. By this I mean say you are pretty wellequipped adequate food or water and somtheing goes wrong like you pu a hole in your transmisson or something to the effect where you can't do a field repait. Is there any...
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    in reach

    I have been toying with getting an delrome in reach, mostly because me and my jeep are both old and have a lot of miles on us the jeep has 166,000 Garmin bough delorme and the prices seem to have jumped about 50 bucks per unit plus I think whne it was de lorme you buy a subscrition on a...
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    Uconnect and topo

    Has anyone with any kind of u-connect system or model radio system like as found in the new jeeps or chevy Colorado ( not sure what others have the touch screen and nav latest generation) found a way to upload a navigation app like Gaia Back country explorer topo USA etc. to the radio...
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    Interesting fail FYI

    We were camping up in northern cal No Cell service and were trying to figure out what route to take home. BU again no cell service. So being the intrepid explorer I am I whipped out the I phone and tapped the map icon Goes what the map icon doesn't work with out cell service. Oh my gps...
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    aftermarket radio

    So I am looking for anew jeep and can't find exactly what I want so I am trying to decide what aftermarket option is best. I am looking at radios I want the 430n but the right jeep doesn't have it. I like the 430 n because I have one now and was able to put a loc pic on it. this means I can...
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    buying a new jeep

    Looking for the best price possible on a 2017 recon any recommendations on dealers? here is what I am encountering so I need some sage advice. I have been working with 2 jeep dealers both are out of state because the prices here IN California are not discounted. #1 One Guy who has a...
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    juk recon axels

    I see the regular rubicon has "heavy duty axels" but the recon has "updated dana 44" any one know what the difference is. Some say they the axels form the new JL but that hasn't been released? Also my understanding is that the recon rides 1.5 inches higher. IF this is true could I sneak 315 70...