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  1. Scoutn79

    Used 4X4, won't move now

    Since it worked until you shifted back into 2wd I would focus on the t-case and shifter/shift motor electrics depending on the type of shift system you have. Darrell
  2. Scoutn79

    fwc and bears

    If a bear wants in nothing short of a tank is going to stop it, period. They will rip doors and trunks open without trying very hard. Best option is to follow bear safe camping/food/trash storage. I would never say a bear is docile or not to worry about it but that being said I have had dozens...
  3. Scoutn79

    Use of WAG bags and PETT potties

    Do you use a special cat litter to get rid of the #2 smell or do you not notice it so much on the 2nd and 3rd uses? I typically get 3 uses out of a WAG before having to get a new one. WAG bags have on "odd" smell but it isn't as bad as the #2 without chemicals added. Darrell
  4. Scoutn79

    butane below freezing

    Another thought would be to use a full height full wrap windscreen and insulate the canister from the cold ground/snow. This would contain the heat both around the canister and the pot. Of course, just like in the vid above, you need to be able to light it and have it put out enough heat to...
  5. Scoutn79

    That age-old dilemma: Double down or fold?

    If you look at my avatar you can see I like old iron. I have done some upgrades to it over the decades and it gets well maintained. I'll take it anywhere anytime...and do. It is stupid simple to work on and since I have had it for about 39 years now I know every single component very well. New...
  6. Scoutn79

    butane below freezing

    If you are going to go out below freezing you may need to get a propane or white gas stove. I have used both to -25 F. At that temp it isn't the fuel that becomes the issue it can turn out cheap rubber seals loose their flexibility and get stiff. Darrell
  7. Scoutn79

    66mpg, 14" Ground Clearance, 3.2s 0-60mph, 1,800lb Payload, 826ft/lb torque, true 4x4, 66mpg.......

    Does a Lion battery take a reduced charge as it gets recharged like a lead acid does? Or can it take a full 3,000 watts for a full 60 hours? And is your genny up to a 100% duty cycle without weight 200 lbs? Even so if I have to carry 30 gals. AND a generator I might as well stick with internal...
  8. Scoutn79

    66mpg, 14" Ground Clearance, 3.2s 0-60mph, 1,800lb Payload, 826ft/lb torque, true 4x4, 66mpg.......

    Electric vehicles have come a along way in the last 15 years or so (or whenever the Prius first arrived) and technology will only get better. Batteries will be more efficient and have less loss of capacity over time and charging times will lessen. As mentioned many times EV's aren't up to par...
  9. Scoutn79

    New version of Gaia GPS released

    I look forward to the new updated Android version(s) rolling out in the future. I have done a lot of complaining about the app (mostly bug related) and there are still quite a few aggravating bugs. That being said, and after all of my complaining, I have stuck with GAIA because I believe it has...
  10. Scoutn79

    Parts washer In attached garage

    I have a large solvent tank in my attached garage I buy solvent from the local bulk petroleum distributor by the gallon that's a heck of a lot cheaper that way. As long as you leave the lid down it won't stink up the garage been in there for probably 20 years never been an issue
  11. Scoutn79

    roof rack lights for setting up camp.

    One thing I have seen guys do, and I find it very useful and creative, is mount a good floodlight on an extendable pole of some sort. If you can get the light 10-12 or more ft up it won't be in your eyes and will throw a bit less shadow as well as getting better coverage. You do have to figure...
  12. Scoutn79

    3/4 ton fuel economy?

    Go to and check it out. Darrell
  13. Scoutn79

    One Spice?

    Tony's Creole Seasoning has been the family go to spice for decades. Darrell
  14. Scoutn79

    Full Size Expedition Vehicle Recovery Gear

    I am not familier with Crosby and I can not offer up any particular names. From time to time I visit wrecker/tow truck recovery suppliers sites. You can pretty much bank on that gear being able to handle the occasional self recovery and they would have the weight ratings you are looking for...
  15. Scoutn79

    Trailhead Security

    I use a disc lock on my dirtbike. You could use it in conjunction with the cable/chain run through the wheels. It just ads another level of effort required to steel your bike. Darrell
  16. Scoutn79

    Single band vs dual band value

    Personally it depends on your intended use. IMHO, and as you mentioned. 2m is the most widely used. The other bands are nice if you want more frequencies to choose from and the possibility of better privacy when using the radio. 2M meets all of my needs just fine. On the wattage point I...
  17. Scoutn79

    Fuel pump for transfer from storage

    Oh Ok. Your post says fuel tho. Darrell
  18. Scoutn79

    I've asked this in the past but with new members and all, do any of you drive stock rigs?

    There are definitely two camps on this. The ones who modify because it looks cool and they "think" they must have it and they have the money but haven't actually gone out and found out whether or not they "need" all the mods and then there is those who find the limits of a stock set-up then...
  19. Scoutn79

    Fuel pump for transfer from storage

    Likely a water pump will fail shortly as the seals, vanes are not fuel rated. and possibly no sealed for use with combustible fluids. You also would need a self priming pump. Darrell
  20. Scoutn79

    Installing an LSD or a Locker, what should I be paying?

    I should have been more specific. Instead of "off shore" I should have said "off brand". Yes ARB is offshore but definitely not off brand. I have 2 and ARB stands behind their product even when it fails. Darrell