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    Needs a set of Truck Nuts hanging off the hitch to really complete the look. Herb
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    AEV Ram with Norweld Canopy + RTT

    I wish this rig would work for my needs, it's amazing. Herb
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    **Sold** Custom 2019 Ford F450 & Removable Autarky Camper. New Price ($195,000)

    Very creative use of the spare tire carrier / rear entry landing. Herb
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    2017 Ram PowerWagon with 2018 Earthcruiser GZL-400 (SOLD)

    Very interesting setup. Two questions, first is there a diagram of the floorplan so I can get a better sense of how the interior is laid out, and second, are there any bathroom facilities? thanks, Herb
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    2018 AEV Prospector XL Overland build

    So the dealer is trying to 'cover their tracks' so people don't know how much they're marking things up? Wow, that's a ******** move. I do see the Jackson dealer is marking down the prices a bit. I'm guessing their timing of trying to corner the market didn't work out so well with the increasing...
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    2018 AEV Prospector XL Overland build

    Anyone recall what the OP's original asking price was?
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    *SOLD* 2020 Ram 2500 Cummins/ 2022 OEV Flatbed Composite Camper

    Absolutely amazing setup, and if my budget was closer I'd already be calling you. GLWS. Herb
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    WTB: red scepter 20L, so cal

    I've purchased new Scepter MWCs from this place. Herb
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Do you know if that TX big boy is painted Arizona Beige? That's been a favorite color of mine since I had an '02 F250 7.3L that color. Herb
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    LabRak awning mounts - new

    Picked these brackets up from the guy I bought my Hannibal awning from, but didn't end up using them. Designed to mount most awnings to your Thule or Yakima load bars. They would need either the companion LabRak mounting brackets, or I thought about using some small u-bolts instead. While these...
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    New 50qt. ARB Fridge Freezer for Sale

    philndz, FWIW, I think you did the right thing, and more importantly, you did it without any attitude, just posting facts. I guess it could be debated that it should have been done privately with PMs. I had a jerry can for sale here once, I had a firm commitment to buy it from a member here for...
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Thanks, I'll have to take a closer look next time. Herb
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Goal Zero event @ Costco, was a big zero Stopped by my local Costco this afternoon for the first day of their "Portable Solar Power" event, which was an exclusive Goal Zero event. For all intents, it was just Goal Zero's small panels, small battery pack, lights, and speakers. I was very...
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    Combined Federal Campaign charities - Tread Lightly & Blue Ribbon Coalition

    For any Federal government employees, with the Combined Federal Campaign underway, there are at least two organizations that you may want to consider giving to for 2013. Tread Lightly Blue Ribbon Coalition There are likely others as well, but I've made it a point to donate to these two...
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Was this a 'special event' at your local Costco? Did they also have the 80W portable setups at your Costco too? I've been looking at their folding panels for a while now. Herb
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    FS Brand New Oztent RV-3

    Nice score! I have an RV-5 and think it's a great tent. You shouldn't have any problem selling it quickly. Herb