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  1. Jonathan Hanson

    New IPF 900 dual-beam Halogen driving lamps

    Never unboxed or installed IPF 900 dual beam (80 and 110 watt) halogen driving lamps. Eight inch diameter, very high quality. With harness and covers. $150 plus actual shipping, OBO. Thanks!
  2. Jonathan Hanson

    Baja Designs Squadron Pro fog lamps, very good condition

    (SOLD) I have a pair of compact Squadron Pro lamps with fog lenses (user changeable). Very good condition, brackets but no harness. New price $430; I'm asking $200 shipped. Thanks.
  3. Jonathan Hanson

    Older Baja Designs XLR driving lamps, $250

    (SOLD) This is an older pair of Baja Designs LED driving lamps. The housings are slightly faded and not perfectly clean, but the lenses are still excellent. No harness. $250 shipped. Thanks!
  4. Jonathan Hanson

    SOLD. Baja Designs XLR-80 driving lamps (pair) for sale, excellent, $450 OBO shipped

    I have a pair of XLR-80 lamps with driving lenses (changeable). Excellent condition with brackets. Pigtails on lamps plus stub of the wiring harness with plugs. In Tucson.
  5. Jonathan Hanson

    Overland Expo sold

    Mike in El Paso seems determined to slam us on every forum he can with exactly the same line. But thanks very much to the rest of you. In truth the Expo simply outgrew us. Roseann never intended to be a professional event manager; we're writers and conservation workers first. So it will...
  6. Jonathan Hanson

    Recovery Point Questions

    Keep in mind that a receiver is designed to withstand pull in a straight line. If you do use it for recovery, do all you can to arrange a straight pull. A receiver shackle mount would be much better than cramming a strap inside the mount to secure with a pin.
  7. Jonathan Hanson

    Reliable LC shop in Northern AZ?

    Unless it's something minor, head east to Farmington and Bill Lee. He is the master Land Cruiser mechanic of master Land Cruiser mechanics. What he doesn't know about them, Toyota doesn't know either.
  8. Jonathan Hanson

    New in box Basecamp Aquacube Companion portable hot shower system

    All sold - thanks gentlemen. I might have a few lightly used ones later on.
  9. Jonathan Hanson

    New in box Basecamp Aquacube Companion portable hot shower system

    Update: Two sold, and I found another, so two are left.
  10. Jonathan Hanson

    New in box Basecamp Aquacube Companion portable hot shower system

    We've been using them for several years now, and as far as I recall have not had a single failure. I reviewed one a few years ago and thought it worked very well—good flow and very warm.
  11. Jonathan Hanson

    New in box Basecamp Aquacube Companion portable hot shower system

    These are straight from the factory via us. We use them for showers at the Overland Expo and these are extras.
  12. Jonathan Hanson

    New in box Basecamp Aquacube Companion portable hot shower system

    I have three new Basecamp Aquacube hot shower systems still in packing in their boxes. Here is the factory description: They retail for $338 new. I'd like to get $275 including Fed-Ex Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Please PM or email me. Thanks . . .
  13. Jonathan Hanson

    Need winch advice

    My strong advice is to stay away from the cheap off-brand Chinese winches. Yes, there will be those who post and say, "My $250 HF winch is still going strong 40 years later," but there are just as many that fail at the wrong time. If you need your winch it's likely to be because you're in a...
  14. Jonathan Hanson

    Safe Jacks Overland Expo promotion

    As he generously does around each Overland Expo, Richard Bogert is offering a "Gear up for Overland" offer of 15 percent off all Safe Jack products, including the new universal base that functions as a stabilizer and load spreader for either a Hi-Lift or bottle jack. The Safe Jack site is here...
  15. Jonathan Hanson

    Overland Expo West Roll Call

    The answer is, it depends. An electric chair with small tires might have trouble in places. We've had athletic people in manual chairs who get around better than some people can walk. If it's muddy that would certainly make things much more challenging. Here is the paragraph from the FAQ page on...
  16. Jonathan Hanson

    Unused Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC with accessories

    This is a new T.A.D. FAST Pack EDC, stored for several years. It has the half-length main zipper. Included is approximately one zillion dollars worth of accessory pouches, more than are shown in the photo because several are attached to the pack. Water bottle pouch, ammunition pouches, knife...
  17. Jonathan Hanson

    Tamrac Cyberpro Express rolling camera/laptop carry-on

    I have a Tamrac Cyberpro Express that has some dust and scuffs but is in perfect working order. It's excellent for a medium-sized DSLR system and laptop. There's a used one on B&H right now for $259; you can read their description here. I'm asking $150 for this one, including ground shipping...
  18. Jonathan Hanson

    New Jetboil Helios stove and cook system

    Still in its packaging. The one I tested a few years ago I remember as being an excellent all-around stove, unlike the original Jetboil which was excellent for boiling, period. I'd like to get $120 including ground shipping to the lower 48. Thanks . . .
  19. Jonathan Hanson

    For sale: unused ARB fridge slide

    The slide has been sold—thank you.