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    2008 C4500 4x4 Converted Ambulance $193k

    Video for some detail on the build. Appears to be the same rig
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    ***SOLD*** 2020 Northstar Laredo SC Truck Camper - 40 Gallon H2O - LiFePO4 Battery - 1000W Inverter - 30A DC/DC Charger - $19,900

    Your mods are great. I have a hard-side Bundutec. Doesn't seem like it would but the 7 foot width makes a significant difference in tight spaces. I typically tow a river boat of some sort and the smaller width means I can actually see to launch. I was going to add heating pads to my water...
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    Budget ER

    Already has two full price offers and they are headed to see it before they buy. Nice guy. Older gent. Says it is hard for them to get up into the bunk etc. Originally from the West so undercarriage is supposedly not rusted. Out of my price range but if someone is looking for an ER I would...