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    OME Heavy and Sway Bar?

    I have the ome heavy on my 2011 tundra with arb bumper and winch. No front sway bar and I think it drives pretty well for what I need it for.
  2. J

    1/2 Ton vs 3/4 Ton for Family Adventures?

    I would vote for 3/4 or 1 ton with your list. I have a tundra and while it’s been amazing and wonderful I know that I’m maxed out on payload. Once you have a big truck it’s inevitable that you’ll want to do things with it...having the capacity gives you a lot of wiggle room for just how much...
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    Features and annoyances of your 2010+ Tundra 5.7L

    Pros- I have a Crewmax and it’s amazing for the 4 of us plus a big dog. Couldn’t go smaller. - it’s simple. Not a lot of tech and I love that. - I have mine modded to the point where Ican’t imagine starting over with something else. - a Crewmax with soft topper is awesome. So versatile for...
  4. J

    Tundra vs F150

    Look for the sr5 without the upgrade package. Wish I had the bench seat and column shifter. Not many out there but they are there!
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    tahoe with a 5 speed swap? tell me it is so...

    Is this what you’re looking for? Great vehicle!
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    Pluto's come a long way in almost 3 years..

    Awesome tundra! Any more pics? Looks great and glad to see you using it well!
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    BF Goodrich KO2 34/10.5/17D vs 35/12.5/17E

    I have the rock warrior wheels, 1.5 inch bora spacers and 315's in load range d. I like them better than my old 285 e range tires. I do notice the extra height when towing. It's not terrible but noticeable. I have a 3 inch spacer lift, soon to be replaced, and all I had to do is remove the mud...
  8. J

    2005 ish Burban vs. 2010 + Tundra CrewMax with cap

    I have a tundra crewmax. Love it. Really love it because it's paid off! i also looked at suburbans but decided I wanted a truck bed and we could use our van for long road trips. I would decide what the main use will be and go from there. I was really in the hunt for the rare crewmax with front...
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    1999 4Runner Highlander- SC, 5spd, Diff Lock! $5000 (PA)

    No idea on the HP with the supercharger...stock fuel system. It gets out of it's own way but I can't imagine it without it! I have a local guy checking it out tomorrow. Will post how it goes. Thanks for your interest.
  10. J

    1999 4Runner Highlander- SC, 5spd, Diff Lock! $5000 (PA)

    I recently bought something a little bigger for the family so my "unicorn" 4Runner has to go. Runs great. I would drive anywhere with it the way it sits. Here's the rundown: 1999 Toyota 4Runner Highlander edition Rear Diff Lock 5 speed manual 1st gen trd supercharger (told it was on truck...
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    Subaru Outback (or similar) towing an expo trailer? Warning - philosophical rambling

    This is our 2012 Outback with a m416 trailer in full vacation mode. We do not travel light! Two adults, two little boys, 85 pound retriever inside the car and all of our stuff for the week on top and in the trailer. We managed 21 mpg going about 70-72 all interstate. Having stuff on the roof...
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    Tell me about the "dark side"...

    I made the leap from Jeep to a 3rd gen 4runner about a year ago. I had a 1999 Cherokee with lots of goodies, very similar to yours in fact, and loved to take it to Rausch Creek here in PA. It did fantastic on the rocks and carrying me and the dog around, but when we put the rest of the family...
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    2004 Jeep Liberty with some goodies

    We have a 2004 Jeep Liberty for sale. Very good condition, nice paint, good interior, very reliable. Just passed inspection without issue. We are the second owners and have had it since 29k miles. Originally for my wife, I inherited it 2 years ago when we sold my built Cherokee for a more...
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    Great replies, thanks. I'm not in a huge hurry so I'm taking my time on finding exactly what I want. I live in PA, any rust issues on these things that I should be aware of? I can't see a reason to step up to a 454 in these things given the fact that I'll be towing infrequently and lightly...
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    Long timer viewer of the endless posts on this board, first time with a question! I currently have an 04 Jeep Liberty with OME lift, larger tires, blah, blah,blah. We also have a 16 month old, a golden retriever, and another baby on the way. All good things! Our main car is a 2011 Subie...
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    Gages Problem - 1999 Jeep XJ

    I had the same problem in my '99. I went to the local dearlership and they pointed me to a TSB on the gauge problems. I picked up a new harness that was supposed to be spliced into the original, but I ran out of time to actually do the work. It never bothered me, as it only happened when it...
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    My M416- new guy

    Thanks for the reply...right now the trailer is on my old 30 inchers. I have two pintle hitches... one that has a normal drop for my Jeep and I have a crazy big one for my wife's Liberty, since the hitch is lower on hers. My biggest concern was with the GOG of the trailer with stuff on the top...
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    My M416- new guy

    Hi Gang, I've been lurking around for some time and I thought I might post up about my trailer- along with a few questions. Pics to come but that requires my wifes' help- she's the picture queen! Since 2002 I've been looking for an M416 or similar to use behind my Jeep. The Jeeps have...