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    Going to be Unimoged

    I just looked through this thread by accident. I’m actually in the process of having a long wheelbase (3850mm) truck built out by Atlas4x4. So they definitely can make a frame for it. I can highly recommend working with them.
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    Colombia: Good place to buy a car?

    I'm looking for any advice on buying a 4x4 in Colombia. We are shipping our own land cruiser from Panama to Colombia but have a friend joining us for an extended time in South America. Only having two seats in my land cruiser we will need an extra vehicle. From what I can tell, it seems to be...
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    Yucatan Peninsula - If you are in the area... SPEAK UP!

    We will be passing through Ciudad del Carmen in 3 or 4 days on our way from Salina Cruz to the Yucatan Peninsula. I'll hit you up when I'm getting closer.