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    XJ Ball Joints?

    If i were you id go spicer. In this case OEM is better, iv heard a lot of MOOG quality going down hill
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    My 1999 XJ build thread

    I replaced my overhead bulbs and footwell bulbs. Accidentally got 700 lumen bulbs in the footwell, noe its super brite bit all looks nice
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    XJ sleeping dimensions

    Ive slept in mine half a dozen times. First off, rear seat has to go. I usually fill footwell with extra sleeping bags or other crap to, and lay out stretched diagonally. If i had a platform high enough to clear the wheel wells and center console, i could almost fit a full size mattress.
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    Jeep Cherokee XJ - Contender for the Overlanding Crown?

    Gearing gearing gearing. IMO thats what makes or breaks a jeep. My XJ is a but sluggish now with 32s, winch and steel bumpers front/rear. But when on stock size tires this thing was a bat out of hell for a small SUV. Towed 1500lb trailer no problem. Now im looking at 4.10 or eveb 4.56 gears, as...
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    I got a thing. Now i just need light bars to be cool
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    Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Buy a WK CRD!

    Anything major to look out with the CRD? Aside from leaks in the tank?
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    Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Buy a WK CRD!

    I just found one locally with 77k miles for $13k. I hope to take it for a test drive. Any complaints on these as daily drivers? I drive an XJ currently, and if i get this Id most likely do either an OME lift with 32s and daily it through Chicago weather
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    Here is my baby! 98 Cherokee Sport 4WD 4.0/AW4 NP-231 Transfer case D30/8.25 Axles, 3.55 gearing, open diffs 3" Rough Country lift Bastard pack rear leaf springs Logans 4x4 winch bumper 31x10.5 Treadwright Guard dogs on Stock rims Rough country quick disconnect sway bar links, shortened to...
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    I just found this thread, Ive been reading up on NAXJA but this place looks cozy too! Building my XJ to be an overland vs most peoples purpose built rock crawler, but the process is slow! By the way, how does everyone mount their jerry cans without a swing out tire carrier? I am looking to...