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    SOLD - Zodi Extreme Shower

    Hi Outsidecurtisp, I’m interested in this, just have a couple of questions. When you say “no tank included” do you mean the stainless steel tank or the propane tank? And also does it come with the bag. I couldn’t open the image. Thanks, Walter
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    12v air conditioner for tent or van 95451

    Looks like price went up👆 on amazon, 12V Compact Refrigeration Cooling Systems Air Conditioning Systems with Miniature Rotary Compressor - for Electric Vehicle Chiller Water Dispenser Freezer Electronics Cooling Module DIY (12V,1.9cc)
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    Staun Tire Deflators

    Is there a PSI range for these?
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    Sold - Two Zodi Hot Vent HP Tent Heaters

    I don’t need one, but who needs two?
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    Philips Go Zero UV Bottle and United by Blue Drink kit

    Cool, I’ll take it if no one has claimed it by PM.
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    Philips Go Zero UV Bottle and United by Blue Drink kit

    Anoop, How many ounces is the water bottle?
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    Hey, curious if this is the soft or hard case one? 👍🏼
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    SOLD: Tan Trasharoo, Bay Area $20

    Interested, I’m in the BayArea. Sending PM
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    SOLD: Autohome Roof Top Tent Accessories - Winter Kit and Rain Covers

    Hi, I’m interested in the wings. I’m just checking to see if they fit my medium maggiolina 360. Sending PM
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    **SOLD!** Three RTIC SS Insulated 1 Gallon Jugs: Brand New, Still-in-Box - $25ea, 3/$65 + shipping CONUS

    I also received mine today, this thing is sweeett!! Thanks for the deal roaddude!
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    Flat Pit Grill

    Interested, sending PM
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    Overland Book Collection Sale!

    Pm’ed for books 1&2. Overlanders handbook and Quiet for Tuesday.
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    Bowfin Awning Brackets $55 shipped

    Interested, sending p.m.
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    Baja Almanac

    Interested, sending p.m.
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    Sonoma, CA -Used Maggiolina Grand Tour Large

    Killer deal Seth!! Good luck with sale, you won’t need it.
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    WTB: Kanz Outdoors Kitchen

    I spoke with Harald at Kanz and he also recommended the Swiss made dock outdoors. Good luck with your search!
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    WTB: Kanz Outdoors Kitchen

    Hey dstep, you know you can get these loaded with stove and dish ware directly from Kanz new for 1400. Good luck finding a used one, they do pop up from time to time. NEVERMIND, just saw that this product was discontinued and the company was for sale on their website. Bummer, I also wanted one...