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    2008 GMC C5500 Topkick

    Above your post it notes it is sold
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    OVRLND Build Spot Available FS

    Hello, I am interested and PM'd you on here.
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    Project: Waltzing Matilda

    Checking in here to see if you have any updates on how the truck and camper combo are going. Read the full thread awhile back but am curious how things are holding up.
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    at overland atlas

    The Atlas camper
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    at overland atlas

    @jgallo1 how has your experience been with it so far?
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    Maxxair Maxxfan 4401k

    Bought this for a project but I didn't measure twice and that's on me. Super nice quality fan. Cover is "smoke" colored. New in box. I opened the box to take some measurements and taped it shut again. Will ship within continental US for $100, if local pickup price is $80.