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  1. Darwin

    What truck/camper combo won't shake apart off road, i.e. Dalton Hwy?

    Forget the "pass through" , total waste of money and unnecessary. The 7.3 IDI is slower than a volkswagen van. I owned one. The 5.9 Cummins is far superior to that motor in every way.
  2. Darwin

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    How do you like the liquid spring while driving? Worthy upgrade?
  3. Darwin

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    A skylight in the bed area turns it into a nice mini oven. Great in the cold when it's clear, also if you like waking up at the crack of dawn because of the light, i'm into neither of those two.
  4. Darwin

    Composite Door Jamb Material (Now Custom Entry Door)

    Just another heads up, but the Euro right now is trading even with the dollar first time in a long time it's been this low so good time to buy from Europe.
  5. Darwin

    Composite Door Jamb Material (Now Custom Entry Door)

    Just go Outbound and be done with it, although clarify if it will work with 50 mm panel thickness, since I believe 60 mm is pretty standard in Europe i.e. Boxmanfacture
  6. Darwin

    How to size an air conditioner?

    Have you ran the AC in your trailer in hot HUMID conditions? The humidity 'wet bulb' temperature will really require more than if it's a 'dry' heat. The amount of insulation and windows etc. also play a major role, lots of factors like that to consider, and without more information, hard to...
  7. Darwin

    Step up/down converter?

    Euro is also 50 hz, so the converter would have to change to that as well. I haven't looked into them that much other than for standard NA 60 hertz appliances. I would say if Victron doesn't make one that will do it, you would probably need another separate inverter.
  8. Darwin

    2022 Ford F550 - DIY - Adventure Expedition Vehicle Build Thread

    How is the front of the floor attached to the chassis?
  9. Darwin

    Roaming Lost: 2022 RAM 3500

    Do you have to remove the motorcycle everytime to get into the back?
  10. Darwin

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Spotted at some mysto spot in Mexico
  11. Darwin

    Bliss Mobil - Base Vehicle Advice

    With the Ram I am not sure how you will only be at 11'? I would think more like 12'
  12. Darwin

    Big custom camper sightings

    Spotted at a remote surf break.
  13. Darwin

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    Those windows are a royal pain in the ass to install on 50 mm sidewalls, you got the benefit of watching it done at the shop with the roof hatch and door so that should help out a lot.
  14. Darwin

    Lift Options - 3500 Cab/Chassis - 37x12.5"

    For reference, my (sold) 2018 3500 C/C has the newer suspension design trailing arms, and my 2021 5500 has the older style.
  15. Darwin

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    For the windows and door(sidewall), how much foam did you take out for the second cut? Reason I am asking is the walls are only I believe 50 mm thick, vs the thickness of the windows internal frame. It almost looks like from the photos for the door that the foam is cut out all the way to the...
  16. Darwin

    Maybe EarthRoamer used the wrong tires???

    Have you thought about going with a different chassis? It seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Perhaps the GM/international 55/6500
  17. Darwin

    Maybe EarthRoamer used the wrong tires???

    Unfortunate they are not available in 2022 but a possible blessing in disguise if they are getting allocated to the military. In a few years maybe they will be as easy and cheap to purchase as some the larger sizes now available.
  18. Darwin

    Maybe EarthRoamer used the wrong tires???

    Earthroamer uses Continental because they have a partnership with them.(I'm guessing) same with Ford, not because it makes the most sense.