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    2019 Bliss Mobile 15Ft Standard on 1993 MB1124

    That's a great length. Basically the same length as a standard Sprinter van. Awesome. Regarding the water collection on the roof, Bliss mentions it on their website (link below) so I was wondering how it works in the real world. They used to have a picture of the roof with drains in the...
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    2019 Bliss Mobile 15Ft Standard on 1993 MB1124

    Wow. That is very nice. What is the overall length (Front to the spare but not the bike rack extended)? Also, does it have the water catchment system on the roof that Bliss offers? Can the box be removed for truck and box transport in a container? I always wondered in the real world how a...
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    ***SOLD*** 2021 SLRV EXPEDITION 6X6 VEHICLE **REDUCED TO $625,000***

    Amazing! Loved following along with the build. Can you tow a TOAD vehicle? For example, flat tow a Jeep wrangler? It would make an amazing base camp.
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    Pop top on high roof van

    Looks like there is a German supplied option for the Sprinter vans. This video shows some details of a Zenvanz high roof with poptop build.
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    Duty On Imported Motorhome

    That's really interesting information. I wondered about importing completed trucks or chassis and cabin separately. The costs for the cabin could be substantially higher than the chassis, so at least that could be a lower duty. For instance,e a MB Chassis with a Blissmobil box the $200K box...
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    Nice Looking 1992 G-wagon camper on

    Noticed this while searching for things and thought it might be of interest here. 1992 so you could import it to the US. Has a diesel turbo (added), manual transmission, popup Camper top with interior. No AC and maybe only a rear locker (looking at the interior pic). They are asking 47K...
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    Toyota Landcruiser LHD Troopy Pop Top Camper $60K

    Noticed this on Mud if you are looking for a Troopy. Looks pretty cool and it's LHD. $60K. I have no affiliation with the seller; just passing it on.
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    1994 Mercedes 917AF - Looks pretty clean $35K

    If the truck has the placard with a Fire Truck designation does that qualify it for import treatment as a fire truck? I believe the duty is 25% (ouch) on vehicles so that would be a nice benefit for someone looking at similar trucks for import.
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    1994 Mercedes 917AF - Looks pretty clean $35K

    They mentioned "Old Fire Brigade" so I thought they meant fire truck and maybe it was painted. How do they designate a truck as a fire truck? Is there a VIN type number designation or is it a usage thing? I wondered if you took an old firetruck, converted it in Europe to an expo truck and...
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    1994 Mercedes 917AF - Looks pretty clean $35K

    Noticed this while searching for other things. Looks like a clean MB917AF and as an old fire truck, I believe it would be duty-free to import into the US. I have no affiliation with the seller and you should do your own importation research, but could be a good chassis for someone...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    Greg, Uro Camper is not in the US, but I have contacted them about their builds (they flatbed truck campers) and they mentioned that they could ship to the US for mounting on US trucks. I haven't asked about the Rhino build on a cutaway chassis but it might be worth asking them if it could be...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    Been reading up a bit on the Ekko and I have to admit that I am warming up to it. Similar to the Revel, it's not for everyone but for those looking for a less expensive (assume list price less 25%) introduction to Overlanding it could be a nice option. It is significantly less expensive than...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    I have an all electric 2017 Roadtrek Sprinter Agile and it has the RV Certification and had zero problems at any campground and we camp a lot in privately owned campgrounds.
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    MERCEDES 1222

    Trying to convince my wife to go full time. I would have to work remotely from the road and spend literally all day on conference calls. In good weather I could take them outside (setup an office in a Springbar/Kodak tent) but for most days having a separate indoor space with a door would be...
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    MERCEDES 1222

    Cool. Looks really clean. I am now warming up the idea of a crew cab... with a living cabin on the back and a pass-thru the cab would work perfectly for a home office separate from the living cabin.
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    Mercedes 1226 AF 4x4 - long-distance travel vehicle BRANDNEW / for sale / SOLD

    Looks great. It looks like it is based on a Mercedes fire truck? If you import it to the US is it still coded as a fire truck and therefore no duty charge? Or do the modifications make it no longer a fire truck for duty purposes?
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    *Sold* GXV Global Traveler Mercedes 1017 4x4

    So cool. Curious, how do you get the bike into the garage? If I remember this truck had ramps mounted on the back where those boxes are now? Also, have you ever flat towed a vehicle (like a Jeep) behind the truck?
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    Magirus/Iveco Adventure Truck - Aluminum Cabin & some cool details.

    Found this during usual expo truck searches and I am not affiliated with the owner, etc. Anyway, looks like a cool truck made out of aluminum cabin, bulletproof windows, and other interesting details like the lifting bed, roof terrace, window covers, etc. Also, it should be importable in the...
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    2016 GXV 6x6 FMTV 29’ w/ Gear Garage

    Bump for a cool truck and nice ad. Thanks for all the detailed pics. Its cool to see the details put into a GXV build. GLWS
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    GXV Patagonia on the Kenworth K370 chassis

    Looks great. Would love to see some interior shots with those big windows. Wonder what the layout looks like. Maybe lounge forward, bed in rear, and kitchen on passenger side?