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  1. mspeters

    1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite - with VW Turbo Diesel -$25K

    1961 M422A1 USMC Mighty Mite Background information - Ground-up, well-sorted build for desert trail exploring/camping and forest service roads. Driven with respect for the 1/4 ton independent suspension driveline, this has proven capable on the...
  2. mspeters

    Defender Transfer Case Upgrades?

    My ‘97 D1 sprung a really bad leak from the forward end of the intermediate shaft. If it’s a keeper; do consider a few upgrades via Ashcroft. (I would have done both, but instead sold the rig after 20 years.) 1. Steel bushings for the intermediate shaft. The aluminum cases can become ever...
  3. mspeters

    New Defender News

    Scanned the 2022 build options. Coil springs are now an option, but it precludes adding locking differentials (via the advanced off road pack with configurable terrain response). I can understand the terrain management software is intricately tied to air suspension. Seems the s/w could be...
  4. mspeters

    New Defender News

    Agree....not a lot of technical run-down of the guts of this system yet. Monitoring this for potential purchase of a coil springer. Stock ground clearance of a coil spring version, front suspension downward flex are hard roadblocks. Really hoping the aftermarket offers a system that nominally...
  5. mspeters

    Truck Camper Jacks and a Lifted Truck

    Reico-Titan sell some bolt-on jack mount extensions; +6” lift, plus they add 2” width which helps clearance for a combination of large tire/flares & a narrow body camper. They did need minor grinding to clear the electric motor heads. I needed 3 inches of extra Jack lift. You could fab the...
  6. mspeters

    Suzuki samurai TDI , Pinzgauer TDI

    Can't wait to see the Pinz drivetrain splicing. I transplanted a 1.9 IDI in a M422A1 mighty mite. Prior pics on this forum. Moving from air cooled to accomodating a proper sized radiator, air intake & cooling fan took revisions. The new Spal brushless variable speed fans finally solved my needs
  7. mspeters

    Dickinson Marine Heater in a camper?

    I like the Dickson's for a charming vew of the fire, they warm up boats well, but it's not a 30K BTU blast then a thermostat control propane. Another pricier option is a Wallas diesel marine stove top / heater combo. The top props up for a heater. May have more saftey concerns in a camper...
  8. mspeters

    97 disco 4.0 tick / soft knock

    My trusty 97 D1 has slowly developed a tick or knock over the past 2 years. My ears are trained to Cummins and VW IDI diesels...hard to discern. I could use a well-trained ear to get a reading if this is the common rocker arm wear out or the dreaded slipped liner. It just completed a 800 mile...
  9. mspeters

    M422A1 Mighty Mite diesel build

    Quickfarms, Yes, it was there for Friday and took a honorary picture with the authentic M422A1 Mites at the show. Glad I had a top with the rain showers. Next year my restored one will be there. The resto-mod build delayed the body restoration by 4 years.
  10. mspeters

    Smallest four-wheeled expedition vehicle?

    AMC Mighty Mite - this one is a resto-mod with diesel power.
  11. mspeters

    1979 Suzuki LJ81 "Micro-Overlander"

    A very rare rig for USA due to smog. Great 'compacto' concept & plenty of room for camping gear and peli cases under the RTT. Even room for an Engle if it could somehow be isolated from dust. Keep up pictures on the rest of the outfitting. I have a micro rig with a diesel, running but not...
  12. mspeters

    M422A1 Mighty Mite diesel build

    Here are a couple pictues during the build up. The stock dana 27s were custom made for the mighty mite with aluminum housings, powerloks and inboard brakes. Much eyeball engineering to repack a larger driveline, radiator, power brakes & steering. More adjustments are need before a 1st camp...
  13. mspeters

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Mine is a Rioja Red SD. I swapped the alloy wheels for NATOs and had them powder coated in textured rust-color. Ready to upsize the tires again, as three lugs tore off on the last trip. It previously had 9-32 TSL Swampers then went to 235x85 BFG. Here are '06 pictures from the Candelaria...
  14. mspeters

    M422A1 Mighty Mite diesel build

    4+ years of saturdays to turn a M422A1 no-engine parts rig into a viable desert explorer. It has a aluminum body, independent suspension. Drivetrain is. VW 1.9 AAZ turbo diesel with modern AX15 5 speed, 5:33 gears with dana 27 powerloks, 3:1 transfer case, power steering with Toyota truck...
  15. mspeters

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    '97 D1 5 speed. Owned since new, but now only used for desert overlanding. 4" lift with Rovertym arms. 7100 Bilsteins short body in the rear. LTR01 OME land cruiser shocks up front. Front dislocation cones. ARBs with GBR 4:10s, axles and CVs. It dwarfs my latest desert rig project, a...
  16. mspeters

    Coyote; aka my 96 D1 5 speed build thread

    Coyote D1 -- very respectable built-out and graet storage set-ups. I did exactly the same black treatment to my sagging tan headliner. That is a project to remove and reinstall. '97 D1 Rioja Red 5spd, owned since new. I mod'd it 10 years ago, still use for long NV desert camp trips. ARBs...
  17. mspeters

    installed some parking lamps on the disco

    Nice and bright !! It helps oncoming cars see the edges. In the old archives, there is a thread on using a D-90 socket in lieu of the single filament D-1 socket. I did this trick on my D-1 right after I bought my D1 -- I used the D-90 sockets, dual filament bulbs and run an added parking lite...
  18. mspeters

    215/85-16 questions

    The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is available in 215-85-16. Load range E. Tires have a heathly rim guard and side bite tread. I have a set mounted on M422A1 project rig. I run 235x85 KM-2s on my D-1.
  19. mspeters

    How rare is a 5spd disco?

    My '97 Rioja Red 5 speed has been quite reliable. ~100K, all on synthetic oil. - no valve jobs - no fuel pump woes, PS box & pump still going - no sunroof to leak. LR electrical manuals are devilishly long & debug can be a bear if the electric gremlins accumulate. Repairs over 14 years are...
  20. mspeters

    Fold down table for rear door?

    D1 Table This thread stimulated a long overdue camp table for a 97 D1 5-spd, that I have owned since new. Started with a rear door plate from Lucky8 with .100 soft-pattern tread plate left over from mighty mite projects and ~70 AD rivets. Hinges are out of the McMaster catalog.