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  1. abart

    2021 F150 Tremor Thoughts?

    This is the F-50 I would get for sure if it came in a SuperCab. I have zero interest in a SuperCrew so that is unfortunate. It is a very cool truck and will be a popular option for alot of people otherwise.
  2. abart

    Might be getting a TJ, what to look for.

    Like a few others have said, check the frame for rot and everything is easy to take care of. I am in the process to find a good replacement frame for mine right now. I looked into the frame repair kits that are out there but in my case a replacement frame is a better option. Don't fret a D35...
  3. abart

    2021 F150 Raptor... optional 37's and optional V8 coming...

    I think it is awesome and the 3.5 motor is plenty strong for any type of driving that will be done with it. I would like a supercab so that is too bad they don't offer that style. I would drive it halfway across the country to the West, beat on it for days and drive back to Iowa giggling like a...
  4. abart

    Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?

    I don't need to go fast or burn tires but I'll take the V-8 and get a bigger gas tank if I need to. I'll be happy and you will be happy in yours as well. Enjoy.
  5. abart

    Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?

    Not everyone rock crawls, needs a 4:1 or does 30 mph on a gravel road. Some people might do mud races and need high horsepower to spin the mud off their tires and don't trust an electric vehicle in those situations. Doesn't matter why they prefer gas over hybrid really. I have zero interest at...
  6. abart

    New JLR

    Love that Rubicon, If I were to get a LJ that would be it exactly. Love that color!
  7. abart

    Drove a JKU and JLU back to back yesterday...JK is still better.

    No kidding, this is a funny thread. Everyone knows the TJ was the last in a long line of real Jeeps! :p:cool:
  8. abart

    15 years (so far) with this TJ!

    That's pretty cool. Like said already, it is nice to see vehicles kept along time and taken care of. I bought my 01 TJ with 38,000 miles in 04 and still have and love it like the day I bought it. Pushing 123,000 miles and going strong. (y)
  9. abart

    Full JL Specs released

    I really like the JL. I have a TJ now that I have had for 14 years and still love it and I never really cared for the Jk for whatever reason. Looking at the JL, I may even consider getting one as a friend for my TJ. A red Rubicon two-door with the V-6 and manual tranny would be perfect for me...
  10. abart

    Random dog shots

    My little 7 week old Catahoula Leopard dog and she is awesome. No camping shots yet but she will be my Jeep adventure buddy for sure and I can't wait. [ATTACH=CONFIG]
  11. abart

    Jeep TJ Stereo Speaker Replacement Options?

    I have used Crutchfield as well and been happy with them. They also have (at least a couple years ago) a scratch and dent or open box section that one of the reps told me a bout when I ordered speakers and a stereo for my Jeep so I got a pretty good deal on everything I bought. It might be...
  12. abart


    Not an off-road type trailer but it does serve as a "command base" when i go out exploring in the Jeep. I haven't had it long enough to get many trips under the belt (or many pictures) but the Jeep pulls it well and the camper is in good shape. I am sure I will tinker with both to get them...
  13. abart

    Random dog shots

    My best buddy Zoey. She went after a frog in the shallow creek and then relaxing while making sure I don't leave without her in the Jeep. Great dog. :)
  14. abart

    Random RIG Shots

    Two days later in Ouray, CO from Moab. Yankee Boy Basin was closed so we turned around. :mad:
  15. abart

    Random RIG Shots

    From 2010 in Moab on Potash Rd. Damn, I need to get back to Moab.....
  16. abart

    Long road to nowhere.

    Next to Kate Shelley Bridge outside Boone, Iowa.
  17. abart

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    My Jeep in Moab and Ouray last year. Pretty basic build up but getting there.:ylsmoke: