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  1. apollo

    Who here brave it without rock sliders?

    well, i proceeded with sliders install today. went with shrockworks. was finally the right time...
  2. apollo

    de lorme in reach

    this. setting up preset msgs to update others is is the online tracking available to people we put on the list
  3. apollo

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    2014 4Runner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. apollo

    My new Alu-Cab Expedition 3 Tent and Shadow Awning!

    that explanation makes sense, thanks rino!
  5. apollo

    My new Alu-Cab Expedition 3 Tent and Shadow Awning!

    rino, i put in a call to you earlier in the week, and haven't yet had the opportunity to return your voicemail...i'm curious if you might have any photos or link to photos of the frontrunner 'bars only' rack you mentioned that you sometimes pair with the alu-cab? thanks!
  6. apollo

    Who here brave it without rock sliders?

    i'm two years in and many adventures through the sw U.S. with our 4runner TE, and thus far without sliders...however, i'm currently seriously considering something high and tight...we've had some difficult lines occasionally to avoid chancing contact at the rocker panels...nothing that has...
  7. apollo

    Can anyone recommend a decent gps for off road travel in the USA?

    good info here, thanks for the info on your link RobRed ...a related question--as someone new to oem vehicle navigation systems, is it possible to load additional or new maps onto the factory nav (other than the updates to the system)? ie, can i upload maps purchased elsewhere to my factory...
  8. apollo

    Mild 5th Gen 4Runner Build

    interested in seeing this come together how long was the turnaround for the bud built sliders? i've been researching options this week. i like that you are going no lift, as i'm contemplating staying with stock suspension and doing sliders also (just bought my first 4runner last week)
  9. apollo

    GM's impressive new 6.2L V8

    Wheels vs crank figures...I don't know if is 420 at 2k, but still more at the crank without driveline loss. I'm not endorsing the ecoboost, just offering thoughts about the numbers.
  10. apollo

    Most capabile three row vehicle

    TE doesn't offer 3rd row though
  11. apollo

    OEM e-lockers, Ford & Tundra, any good ???

    not mine😃