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  1. Julebakken

    2005 Cummins Ram 3500 w/ Kings, Thuren, and Custom Pop-up $33k MN

    Hey DillyFPV, still got the Ram? I'm in the Plymouth area most of the week. I'd be interested in checking the truck out if still available.
  2. Julebakken


    That is a beautiful CJ5! Ours is a 1964 with 4,500 miles. 3rd Generation owner and my son is next! The absolute most fun vehicle in our shed. Hope someone who appreciates these scoops it up!
  3. Julebakken

    1995 Land cruiser fzj80 profits Cummins swap

    This thing is sweet. Love the 4BT!
  4. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Completely agree with you. First order of business on my mods list includes proper suspension. Unfortunately, a lot of the kits that were available for these are not anymore or are $5-7K. I'm working to source an Old Man Emu F250 Kit or a Deaver Kit. Neither are responding.
  5. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Just a crew cab long box with a topper really. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Exteriors From CABT (Before Leveling Kit & Lift Blocks)
  7. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Join the mailing list! : I did not intend to but I daily drive this rig right now. Have been all summer. I love it, the kids love it, and it is a fun conversation starter with total strangers.
  8. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Badlands 2022 NITTO Ridge Grappler 35x12.50r17 Westin Full Length Step Factor Leafs with lift Block and Bilstein's. Super Saggy! Front of Chassis Back Back of Chassis Front Airlift 5000 Fillpoints. Customized Factory Roof racks by CABT V10 Bling! Our Gentle Giant
  9. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    It is almost nuts on exact to a CC LB. It is aprox 1" longer in wheelbase and 0" longer bumper to bumper. Door emblem is for the V10. Image is an example only. Closest thing I could find on the interwebs to the process. Pearl has always retained her age appropriate front clip. Leaf front and...
  10. Julebakken

    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    Best to never assume hatches and latches are secure. Same with any Camper really. Looks more than snug on that trail! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    We had her delivered to our office and told the kiddos we had to stop by work real quick to pick something up. They had no idea this was waiting there for us. My oldest is nearly 15 and my youngest 9. Still plenty of years left to make amazing memories in this Rig. Pearl basic Specs: Chassis...
  12. Julebakken

    PEARL : A 6 Door V10 Excursion

    Every story needs a main Character. This is Pearl’s story. Pearl started life as a slightly rear ended “stay around brown” V10 excursion. She collected dust and mud wasps in the back lot at Custom Autos By Tim (CABT) for nearly a decade. During the lockdowns, Tim of CABT decided to wield his...
  13. Julebakken

    2020 Ram 2500 Powerwagon + PCOR Tray & Canopy Ultimate Overloading Build - $106,000

    Do you have this for sale locally? If it is still available I'm seriously interested. Sending you a PM.