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  1. murryconst

    Built 4runner

    2015 Trail Premium 4Runner Fully Built Overlander Not mine do know owner
  2. murryconst

    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    do you sell the tractable
  3. murryconst

    2001 GMC 2500 HD Flatbed Camper Build

    cool flatbed how are you mounting the camper to the flatbed how are you doing the boxes and dealing with the turnbuckles
  4. murryconst

    F350 Regular Cab with Hawk Flatbed on XPCamper Truck Tray

    how long is the bed how wide is the "garage" how far will the camper hang off the back
  5. murryconst

    "TrailTop" modular trailer topper building components

    Snap on or Velcro roof curtain Then you could have a "stargazer skylight" And still be able to sleep in if wanted
  6. murryconst

    "TrailTop" modular trailer topper building components

    The top would be really neat with clear Lexan insert
  7. murryconst

    Our FlipPac

  8. murryconst

    building the Bullet XV

    Look like you had a good trip!!!
  9. murryconst

    Grand Wagoneer ?

    My old jeep 6" lift 33x10.50 tires Doing 350/400swap Do miss it If lifting to spring over lift ride is way better
  10. murryconst

    building the Bullet XV

    That's the one we use for our classic car Has worked good for 2 years so far
  11. murryconst

    1983 Toyota 4x4 Chinook

    I'm going to try to look at this weekend
  12. murryconst

    Fullsize jeep thoughts...

    I did 350 carb th400 241c The transfer case was the hardest thing to find had to do s.y.e kits to get the spedo to work Had to notch the Trans mount Did a bjs 6" all spring lift Would not do that agin way to stiff Would do their spring over kit
  13. murryconst

    What's new at Coyote RV/Phoenix Pop up?

    More photos of the rear hatch please Like the idea How is it held up Very cool camper
  14. murryconst

    New to me Flip Pac

    Looks good
  15. murryconst

    Honduras Bound

    When Honduras take a trip to Roatan I love it there, was better tell the cruse ships and golf course came South end has less people still
  16. murryconst

    1987 grand wagoneer and trailer

    With clear gas was about 10 Corn gas was about 8
  17. murryconst

    1987 grand wagoneer and trailer

    Thanks I will regret selling also But wife wants a travel trailer For the family And happy wife is a happy life