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  1. Spcbvail

    WTB Turtleback trailer style off road trailer

    bump. Still looking for fair priced trailer, cash in hand....
  2. Spcbvail

    Custom Aluminum Trailer - Dual Tepui RTT's - BFG KO2 - Indianapolis, IN- $6500

    Looks like a nice set up, a bit of a drive from west coast though.
  3. Spcbvail

    WTB Turtleback trailer style off road trailer

    I don't currently use Facebook, and it looks like you need to be a member of the group to see what's posted.
  4. Spcbvail

    WTB Turtleback trailer style off road trailer

    Still trying to find a Turtleback or similar type trailer for sale in decent condition .... you can post here or DM either way. Thank you.
  5. Spcbvail

    2016 Turtleback Expedition Trailer for Sale (Arizona)

    I could not see in the listed items if the trailer has a slide out with fridge?
  6. Spcbvail

    WTB Turtleback trailer style off road trailer

    Hello, Just seeing who might have a clamshell style trailer for sale something similar to a newer Turtleback Getaway trailer with all the best options, suspension, roof top tent, solar setup with chargeable batteries, and maybe even hot water upgrade but not a deal breaker without. I live in AZ...
  7. Spcbvail

    For Sale: Off-Road Trailer - Sale Pending

    Nice trailer, maybe I missed it in the details but is there already an option for hot water, or would I need to add?
  8. Spcbvail

    Overlander Trailer / Adventure Trailer

    Did you end up selling the trailer closer to you in Idaho?
  9. Spcbvail


    Looks like a great deal for the price. wish I was on the east coast..
  10. Spcbvail

    ***SOLD*** AT Habitat - 5ft Tacoma DCSB - White - Phoenix (Surprise), AZ

    Hey all, I was able to view the AT topper set up Moostache has for sale in person. It is in amazing condition and I would have bought it but going to a trailer setup for my personal and storage needs when not using. The next person who checks it out will buy it due to its pristine condition and...
  11. Spcbvail

    2009 AT Overland Horizon

    looks like there is Craigslist ad for it to
  12. Spcbvail

    2017 Adventure Trailers Chaser E - near new condition - Stuart, FL

    I am interested but it pretty far away. Any chance you going west anytime soon?