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  1. MuckSavage

    Intech O-V-R

    Not sure if the OVR shares but by Intech Explore has a Dexter torsion axle.
  2. MuckSavage

    Looking for info from intech flyer explore owners (AC performance)

    I have a single tip out Explore & it cools nicely. @Tkhawk recommended some good tests. Try them out. I added an awning over the tip out & did make the reflectix insulation. With is installed in the tip out, The trailer is like a freezer.
  3. MuckSavage

    12v portable jump starter issues?

    I had been carrying an "All-Start" brand jump starter for a few years. It performed well when I last used it. Recently, in an attempt to jump start a truck at work, The little jumper did nothing even though 4 out of 4 LED's were lit. I thought the All-Start was at the end of it's life. I ordered...
  4. MuckSavage

    Best Pee Jars?

    I use a quart pedialyte bottle with a few wraps of green electrical tape around it. I work for a sewer authority & green is the color used for marking sewer.
  5. MuckSavage

    Whoa...the new 2020+ Titan Pro-4x has serious potential...

    Have a listen to the latest Overland Journal podcast. Full size truck discussion
  6. MuckSavage

    X-bull Recovery Tracks worked great!

    I've used mine (X-Bull) 6 or so times & I'm happy with them.
  7. MuckSavage

    mobil 1 oils

    I use the High Mileage in 5W-20. My Commander has 165,XXX on it.
  8. MuckSavage

    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    I'm also from NJ (south). I currently have Falken AT3W on my Commander. I don't think I can comment on the noise because the vehicle is so insulated. I previously had Nitto Terra Grapplers on it & I was happy with those. I had General Grabber AT2's on my previous Cherokee & was pleased with...
  9. MuckSavage

    Went and did it!

    That DR200 is a great bike. My wife had one for awhile. Reliable & fun.
  10. MuckSavage

    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Near Fort Dix, NJ
  11. MuckSavage

    Abandoned/derelict sites

    "Remains of pouring and cooling building #502a at the Amotol Munitions Plant (WWI) where 6-inch shells were filled with a 50/50 mix of TNT and ammonium nitrate. The construction and layout of the building looks a bit odd with lots of thick concrete. This was done to direct the force of any...
  12. MuckSavage

    Intech Explore build

    A '21 Explore followed me home yesterday.
  13. MuckSavage

    Intech RV

    @dreadlocks is the go-to-guy on your heater. Read thru his posts. He points out the pro's & con's of each
  14. MuckSavage

    Intech RV

    I'd say you did well at $14K since a new Explore is $15,582 base. Looks like you have the Adventure Package (off road tires, roof rack, AC & slide out kitchen) add $5,005. The curbside tip-out bed is worth $1,400. Essentially, your trailer new lists at $21,987. My local dealer won't budge off...
  15. MuckSavage

    First run for my trailer ! ...... We broke it 😥

    "Adventures suck while you're having them" -Neil Peart
  16. MuckSavage

    Good waterproof bins

    I've been happy with these...relatively inexpensive, durable, waterproof. I have about a dozen between home, personal & work truck MTM Ammo Box
  17. MuckSavage

    Post Pic's of your Jeep