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    ATrac and Torsen vs Triple locker

    LSD's usually are clutch pack designs.. so you could get some gains when using ATRAC but honestly I would not bother and just go to a full selectable locker in the rear. It will be much more robust over the long term. ymmv ATRAC works off of the wheel speed sensors and triggers the brakes to...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Anyway.. Todays Expo vid.. I live in the area and know those trails at where they did that video... Color me impressed with it so far...
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    Camp Stereo

    DemerBox alone or with a group.... Nothing if others are around
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    Using Dometic Go Hydration Water faucet with other containers

    yes it uses Micro USB.. and yes it works fine with any water container, I replaced the tube with a generic water one rated tube that was longer. Yeah I wished it used USB-C too..
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    2022 Land Cruiser 300 series

    I'm sure it will come back to the US... probably announce something next year.. but right now there is a 12+ Month wait for the J300 globally.. so they have their hands full and our market is comparatively small. Oh and they did this before as well...
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    Scheel Mann Vario XL seats in the Equipt 200 Series Land Cruiser

    Paul .... Looking at the FSM.. there is a test procedure for the occupant sensor, basically 2 jumpers in the plug to the seat sensor. In theory if you leave this connected you should bypass the sensor and have it always register an occupant, which would enable the air bags. But you are going to...
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    2020 Tundra TRD Pro Build

    Full size @ big creek.. surprised its not major dented.. they have been running anything there the last year or so.... I guess its not that tight anymore and I know its just getting rutted out.. shame it use to be tight and technical.. still interesting but getting a bit ragged out now days...
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    LC 200

    The current used car market is not going to last.. manufactures will make sure of that. I do think the 200 is a solid buy (not an investment though) and will continue to depreciate minimally as they normally do given the market and the sheer lack of numbers of them sold in the US.
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    Just building my 200 Series.

    I didn't see but which steel wheels are you running?
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    Build: 2016 Land Cruiser 200 series

    Could you do me a favor and let me know how far the ARB summit sticks out from the grill? I have a 2017 200 series and that is one of the bars I was thinking about for a number of reasons.
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    defender 110 , 36L water tank by front runner outfitters

    did you talk to frontrunner USA the distributor? I asked about a couple of Defender items they do not sell in the US, and they said they could do it, just when ever they shipped other containers of products. the items were smaller so it was faster for me to order from ZA directly. I would...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    the steel wheels look like aftermarket Defender "Modular" wheels or the Jeep Wrangler steelies.. I wonder what the lug spacing and specs are on the wheels?
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    Escape Gear - Tundra Crew Max Seat Covers - Grey - New In Box

    Sold the 2019 Tundra Crew Max TRD Pro after I ordered these. There is a considerable lead time for them Just arrived, New in Bag, never fitted. Grey Canvas, Made in South Africa. These are probably the best seat covers you can buy. Contains: Front and rear seats, Front Center console, Rear Arm...
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    Financing a Land Cruiser (built)

    Buy stock, if you have to finance that's ok.. wait till you pay it off to Modify it based on all the research you have done in the mean time. Maybe do wheels tires and lift if you still paying on it, but really that $ should go to the loan if possible.. Generally I hate buying a modified...
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    Escape Gear Seat Covers - Toyota Tundra Crew Max - NEW In Box

    So new they are just shipping from South Africa this week - due in shortly. I will ship to you when they arrive. The truck is being sold so these will not be needed. Grey Canvas - Fits front and rear seats and center console. Purchased for a TRD Pro Tundra Never fitted, of course. $500 +...
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    with the Turkish trucks you should really look at the build quality, many of them are pretty sketchy - I would take a screw driver and check the frame very good (I've seen bondo and then undercoating, if possible look inside the doors at the frames, behind the dash, etc. these trucks were...
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    New Defender News

    yes they are starting to come in now - these 2 were at my local dealer on Monday, I'm sure they are in the hands of owners by now. My tundra TRDpro is huge next to them but they are smaller than I expected. The interior is really nice, the plastic hood 5 bar, was movable with my finger.. I...
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    thats a jeep being pushed..
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    Is the limit of putting air out of your tire relative to your wheel and tire combo?

    for technical terrain I use 12-16psi normally, for sharp rocks a bit more (20 psi ash), for dirt roads it depends on the corrugations and the speed to the sweet spot. I use normal wolfs on a D90 NAS, my friends use the ANR wheels that those are copied from. Your fine :) Below 10 psi I have had...