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    Volcon Electric utility machine

    Volcon, new Texas-based company, just announced their first product - an electric fat tire two wheel utility machine called the Grunt. The web site lists impressive specs: 100 mile range Easy battery swap out Recharges from 110V outlet in 2 hours 75 lb ft of torque 0-60 in 6 seconds 60 mph top...
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    Latest “LC will be canceled in USA” rumor

    Every couple of years rumors circulate that Toyota plans to stop selling the Land Cruiser in USA. This time the story is that the 2021 200 series LC will be the end of the line. The story...
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    Should you still buy a Fuso in North America?

    Earthcruiser plans a transition from Fuso to Chevrolet 4500 cab-forward chassis, powered by 6.0L gas V8. Since Chevy doesn't offer a front drive axle in its medium trucks, Earthcruiser will employ a custom setup of their design.
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    long trip on lightweight bike

    Time to resurrect this thread. Listing these links to long rides on small bikes is not to say bigger bikes are bad or wrong. Choose what you like and can afford. The point is that you simply don't need a 600+ lb, 120+ hp, $20,000+ machine for adventure travel. My personal favorite, mentioned...
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    2018 BMW adventure models

    Looks like BMW’s adventure models will see changes in 2018. The 1200 will get a slightly larger displacement (1249cc) and add variable valve timing to improve low rpm torque. The 800 models will also receive a new engine, raising capacity to 853cc, a new frame, revised transmission, and new...
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    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, COMING SOON!

    More details: the bead lock wheels and 35inch MT tires of the show truck will be replaced with conventional rims and 31 inch AT tires. (You can add taller tires without making other changes.) The Bison package will be available in two door long bed and four door short bed trucks. The gas V6...
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    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, COMING SOON!

    Motor Trend and other sources say the ZR2 Bison will go on sale in January. Price has not been announced, but will definitely be north of the $43k charged for the ZR2. Here’s a recent promotional video
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    Not sure where to post this...SO! buying a new truck. Thoughts?

    Everyone take a deep breath, please. No need to be concerned that someone else decided to spend their money on a different vehicle.
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    Airstream Nest Airstream has posted a video about the partner company that makes the fiberglass shell for the Nest. Interesting to see the process.
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    E Class All-Terrain 4x4²

    First impression reviews. Looks like the concept first appeared in Summer 2017. Portal axles are independently suspended — shades of Hummer H1.
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    E Class All-Terrain 4x4²

    Not a G-Wagen, and just a factory concept. But interesting none the less
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    long trip on lightweight bike

    Shinji Kazama has lived a life of motorcycle adventure. Now in his late 60s, Kazama was most active in the 1980s and 1990s, when he rode his motorcycle to the North and South poles, on Mt Everest, and to the summits of Kilimanjaro and Mt Fuji. Kazama rode small displacement Yamaha and Honda...
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    VW production plans for a midsize pickup Autoblog has a chance to drive the Tanoak prototype/concept/show vehicle. They report a 1,000 kg / 2,200 lb carrying capacity and 7,000 lb tow rating. Lots of photos with the article.
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    VW production plans for a midsize pickup Here’s an article in Autoblog about the new vehicle, including this photo
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    Land Rovers parts on ebay- store moving

    The rules say equipment for sale should be personally owned. We don’t have a section for “parts found on Craigslist” so I will move the thread to the “vehicles found on Craigslist” area. Chip Haven moderator
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    VW production plans for a midsize pickup

    Let's put this note in the domestic section, if only because VW has a plant in Tennessee, and will build this pickup in USA to avoid the "chicken-tax" tariff. in recent days, VW has strongly hinted that its plans for a midsize pickup have advanced from "concept" to "pre-production" status...
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    long trip on lightweight bike

    Two travelers fly to Ecuador, rent Yamaha XT250s from Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental, and ride across the Andes.
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    long trip on lightweight bike

    Two blokes from New Zealand are traveling the Trans America Trail on Honda Grom 125 cc machines. Presently they are in Arkansas. A good read. They have several videos detailing their adventures on their KiwiGrom...
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    2019 Ford Ranger Taking Orders

    Here's the link to the configuration pages
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    Small “off-road” Ford in the works You may have read that Ford plans to cease production of passenger cars (Mustang excepted), and will concentrate on trucks and SUVs instead. One new SUV will be based on the...