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  1. thezentree

    Harmonic vibration-not the kind my wife likes

    For what it's worth I spent probably 3 years chasing a vibration exactly like you describe on my 01 4Runner. Three sets of tires, two sets of wheels, ECGS diff bushing, two sets of CV axles, adjustable rear upper control arms, and three driveshafts. It ended up being the rear driveshaft, and I...
  2. thezentree

    1996 Hilux Surf Roof Rack

    Is that actually a 96? I thought that body style ended in 95.
  3. thezentree

    Anyone an expert (or close) on the VF3AM T-case in Sequoia or 4Runner?

    Good luck. I think I've exhausted the extent of my knowledge on these so I'm interested to see what you find.
  4. thezentree

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    I’m pretty sure I can hear it rusting from here. Ugh.
  5. thezentree

    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    There are a lot of us hoping you can get this thing back on the road and reliable soon. Good luck.
  6. thezentree

    Anyone an expert (or close) on the VF3AM T-case in Sequoia or 4Runner?

    I wouldn't try to operate it without that cover in place, as I don't think there's anything retaining the pinion gear other than that cover. It's been a little while since I've had it apart though, so I could be wrong. That said, if the actuator is moving at all, even to the wrong position, it...
  7. thezentree

    Anyone an expert (or close) on the VF3AM T-case in Sequoia or 4Runner?

    The actuator also controls the CDL, so if you try to engage or disengage it you'll be moving that shift rod. Have you checked your tcase position switches for function? I'm curious about your dash lights showing it's fully in position when it's actually not. That's an uncommon issue, so I'd...
  8. thezentree

    First Gen Tundra - SPC ball joint insert pulled free of spindle

    The older style inserts were installed with the flange on top and the C-clip on the bottom. That instruction sheet looks like it's for the new style. OP can you tell what happened? Is the groove in the insert damaged like the clip pulled out of it? Or did the clip maybe break and fall out?
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    For real. I lose sleep over what are minor annoyances compared to stuff like this. Hope your luck with this thing changes soon!
  10. thezentree

    4Runner Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier

    I can't really speak for 5th gens, but I have a 4xInnovations rear bumper with swingout on my 3rd gen that is one of my favorite upgrades I've made. It's super well made, and has taken a ton of rock hits over the years, but I do more rock crawling day trips or whatever than I do long term...
  11. thezentree

    Best 37 inch tyres

    BFG sells a LOT of KO2s, including 37s, to the US military, for what that's worth.
  12. thezentree

    Travel tools for rental car?

    You get it. We've been doing a lot of one-way rentals for the exact same reason. I don't hate your first option, because that opens up some other possibilities.
  13. thezentree

    Travel tools for rental car?

    I'm trying really hard to not just post a bunch of four letter words in response to this trash, so I'll just say that your completely unwarranted condescension is acknowledged and disregarded. Congrats on being the first person to make my ignore list in a decade of being here, I guess. Prick...
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    Travel tools for rental car?

    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but... There was an article on the blog side of ExPo not too long ago talking about a "fly and drive" kit that focused on camping/hiking gear, but it got me thinking about a similar kit for trail fixes on a rental vehicle. I'll color this with the...
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    2004 Tacoma SAS

    This thread gets an enthusiastic subscription from me. This is a cool build, and much respect for the attention to detail!
  16. thezentree

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Bet your axle bearings are shot.
  17. thezentree

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Ended up on the Tail of the Dragon on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Oops.
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    1st gen tacoma

    Splitting hairs? Probably, but it's still like a 10% reduction in rolling mass. It'll be the difference between "kinda peppy" and "a little bit peppier" off the line (and might save you a couple bucks at the gas pump). That said, you probably won't care about peppiness when you're 30 miles from...
  19. thezentree

    1st gen tacoma

    Add some rock sliders to your list. As for tires, if you're not going to regear, go for 235/85 or 255/75R17s. Whatever is lighter. I hated the KOs I put on my 4runner for about the first 5000 miles, but after wheeling them some and putting something like 40k on them, I've come to be pretty...
  20. thezentree

    05 sequoia limited aka “turd crappley”

    To reference your signature, you could look at it like a happy little accident that justifies rock sliders.