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  1. MojoRisen

    Brand New Patriot Camper 2022 X1 $51,872 Location Durant, OK

    OK?!? $51,872 for a popup trailer?!?
  2. MojoRisen

    Sold 2021 Fourwheel Camper Hawk Black 4 season custom

    At least you got your priorities right! The yeti n micros always go next to the bed n cooking area! Nice!
  3. MojoRisen

    Conqueror 490

    New 2022 490 in slc utah for 45,888, with pictures too.
  4. MojoRisen

    Patriot Campers In stock- UTAH

    Like patriot trailers.
  5. MojoRisen

    Patriot Campers In stock- UTAH

    Yep. Prices are the exact same for a pop up trailer. I can wait for the prices to come down though.
  6. MojoRisen

    Patriot Campers In stock- UTAH

    Yep. No prices listed. I live in the square state of utah. Things are over priced here. Be prepared.
  7. MojoRisen

    Patriot Campers In stock- UTAH

    Don’t let the high cost bite you! It’s Utah!
  8. MojoRisen

    2020 NoBo 19.8 with Cold weather package (ATL, GA)

    Gotta be warmer than my little tent!
  9. MojoRisen

    2021 AluCab Khaya camper - SOLD!

    Yep, nothing like a pop up for the winter snow! But then again I’m still hiking in 4 miles to spend the night in a tent!
  10. MojoRisen

    SOLD: Conqueror Compact Trailer

    Ha! Was heading south and a low boy carrying 3 490‘s were heading the opposite direction. I started to cry cause I’m still sleeping on the cold ground!
  11. MojoRisen

    2022 OBI Conqueror UEV 440 Camper

    Ugg. ROA is so over priced and they swap out the quality snowmaster fridge for the cheap ICE fridge , most likely to push the margin up even more. Please be wary of utah dealers, and I even live here in utah. I won’t even buy a vehicle in utah.
  12. MojoRisen

    2022 OBI Conqueror UEV 440 Camper

    Was $40k at Parris rv in SLC, but it has been sold. Was on their site since last year. Parris is a little miss leading in the Conqueror retail price since they show $80k+ for a 490 when most dealers have them retailed for less and then discounted. I was just passing along the info since I am...
  13. MojoRisen

    2022 OBI Conqueror UEV 440 Camper

    Kinda high. You can get a brand new one in SLC for $40.
  14. MojoRisen

    2016 Conqueror UEV 490 $35k - Colorado -----SOLD---

    Amen to that! I’m in SLC, which cannot claim to have the best snow on earth anymore. Since we don’t have any! Ha!
  15. MojoRisen

    2016 Conqueror UEV 490 $35k - Colorado -----SOLD---

    Na. I have the desire to buy one but have to wait to finish up a 46 airstream restoration. My second. I am planning on getting one, used since the new ones are through the roof, in the future. I would like to have one that I can get muddled up and not care about the looks and also can search...
  16. MojoRisen

    2016 Conqueror UEV 490 $35k - Colorado -----SOLD---

    And to think I’m only a state away! Go figure!
  17. MojoRisen

    25' Airstream - SoCal - Sold Pending Transfer of Funds.

    I have a 46 and a 63! And still find time to sleep on the snow in the winter! Might list my 46 here this spring to fish for a new home! Nice!
  18. MojoRisen

    For Sale: 2018 Conqueror UEV-440 - $42,000

    I’m in the market for the exact trailer, brand n model. But I am halfway through a 46 airstream restoration and currently am using our 63 Boles Aero. This is nuts that when they come up for sale I am in the middle of a project. One is going to have to go. Beauty Mate!
  19. MojoRisen

    Conqueror feedback

    Appreciate your feedback. If all works out in the future I hope to own an overland unit. To so much!