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  1. kevman

    Moog CC880S coils

    Trying to keep the thread that keeps on giving alive! Is there a general rule of thumb for installed spring height where camber becomes an issue without new bushings? Better yet, what's the stock height for these vans?
  2. kevman

    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    I'm assuming this has already been covered but my internet skills are letting me down today. What kind of terminal should be used for connecting the 2nd battery to the starter battery? My starter battery currently has a set of post clamps (I don't know the actual name) but since there is nowhere...
  3. kevman

    Propane System Install

    Amazing, thank you! I was planning on having shut offs at every appliance where the propane enters the vehicle. I'm assuming doing it outside is to minimize the chance of leaks? Easy enough - just more time under the vehicle in the snow instead of inside. Haha. For those that have individual...
  4. kevman

    Propane System Install

    Does anyone have any good resources for propane system installation or modification? My google skills are letting me down and I haven't been able to come up with any firm advise. My plan is to use 3/8" copper tubing with flare connections protected by split loom to extend some lines in our van...
  5. kevman

    Remote Propane Monitoring

    For those using permanent external mounted propane tanks, what do you use for monitoring the gas level? Yes, I know I can walk outside and check the tank level but I'd like to have something inside as well. I don't need a gauge on any of my water tanks so I'm looking for a simple small display...
  6. kevman

    Hello from Europe! And why is USA so (UNINFORMED/UNDER-EQUIPPED)

    I'd argue that it goes beyond RV's in North America when it comes to uninspired design. Why do RV's in North America suck? Primarily because we have the space for large uninspired under designed boxes. In Europe they need to make things small and to get the features they want they need to be...
  7. kevman

    Victron 75/15 Bluetooth Range

    I guess that's one reason why you might want the Bluetooth dongle vs. the built in Bluetooth. On both my MPPT and BMV I can connect from inside the house (~80 ft. away) if a window or door is open.
  8. kevman

    Real MPGs for your rig?

    On our last trip we got 16.7L/100km (~14mpg). That's weighing in at 3,530kg with the bubble roof. In this neck of the woods every trip starts off with a gnarly headwind through the foothills and numerous mountain passes. This particular trip also included a "quick" 20km jaunt up a 800m fire road...
  9. kevman


    Yeah I assumed we paid too much for our fridge. Haha. However, our R4500 which is a fair amount bigger than the R1600 was only $1,400 locally.
  10. kevman


    I believe you're in BC, no? Nova Kool is based out of Vancouver and seem to make pretty nice stuff. We picked up the R4500 and have been incredibly happy with it so far.
  11. kevman

    Stolen Astrofalia in Denver - please watch out!

    Awesome! We went through the same thing in January - only we had just started our rebuild, not finished. I can only imagine how that would have felt, my heart was so sad when I rear your first post. Not that it matters anymore but to re-iterate for the lurkers, social media is your friend when...
  12. kevman

    DC-DC battery charger under hood?

    To me though, when redesigning a system from scratch, they don't seem that expensive. Considering they replace both the MPPT controller and the ACR they're not far off.
  13. kevman

    DC-DC battery charger under hood?

    I thought it was common practice to use a larger gauge wire to reduce voltage drop when charging straight from the alternator. The Redarc states a 4AWG wire is required for the 1240D to run 30ft. If your alternator is at 14.7 volts, 40 amps over 30ft. reduces this to 14.1V at the battery. In...
  14. kevman

    DC Load on Shore Power

    This is probably a silly question but I've searched a bunch and haven't found much information. (Which usually confirms the silliness.) Anyway, what is the impact that a DC load can have on the battery while connected to shore power? Do small discharges have an affect on the batteries life...
  15. kevman

    DC-DC battery charger under hood?

    Why not? Serious question though. For the price they seem like a no brainer. The Redarc Dual Input 1240 is ~$400US or so. Since voltage drop isn't a big issue anymore with cabin mounted batteries you don't need huge wires (~$100 saving), you no longer need a starter isolator (~$100 savings) and...
  16. kevman

    Camper Van Randomness

    I've got one with the "coveted" storage drawer. If someone wants it let me know! Shipping from Canada might be expensive but I'd rather that than throw it out.
  17. kevman

    Aftermarket High Top Internal Structures. Strength/differences?

    Our raised top is essentially a sheet in the wind. We took out the upper cabinets to do some work on it and the entire top just marshmallows down the road. Every time you hit a bump you can see the side bulge out and the top come down. So how much strength is needed? Apparently not a lot. Haha...
  18. kevman

    New Sprinter 144" 4x4 owner. vapor barrier and insulation questions

    I don't have much experience with van insulation but based on common building science I don't think you need (or want) one. First of all, you vapour barrier the warm side. In cold climates, vapour barrier goes inside of the insulation. However, you're looking for a vapour barrier to use with...
  19. kevman

    Stolen Camper Van - Ford Okanagan

    I did hear back from them. It's essentially a set of plates that screw through the door skin to sandwich the lock. To be honest, it's not as clean looking as I had hoped. I think it would be possible to try and fabricate something yourself that supports the lock from the inside. That said...
  20. kevman

    Stolen Camper Van - Ford Okanagan

    Does anyone know if it's possible to retrofit a transponder key system from the 08+ E-Series on an older model? Since I have to replace the ignition cylinder anyway I figured it might be worth looking into. We just started insulating and doing an interior renovation to the van. I can't even...