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  1. chnlisle

    Handy portable pressure shower

    We've been using a Duckworks shower for several years and recommend it.
  2. chnlisle

    4Door Bronco build

    Love this color.
  3. chnlisle


    Man I love watching this thing come together!
  4. chnlisle


    Julian, Winters on the way. Will it be done?
  5. chnlisle

    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    You, my friend, have the eye of Jobs, the mind of Feynman, and the soul of DiVinci! What a treat to see your work. Next time I'm up the road I must stop by to shake your hand.
  6. chnlisle


    Julian you're killin' us. Want to see it run!
  7. chnlisle


    Beautiful work!
  8. chnlisle


    Julian, Drive by wire works great (Ram trucks, Toyota, Nissan) and it's certainly economical with space, but I would think you might want some redundancy so you're not stuck out in the frozen tundra some where. Cable, if you have the space, is pretty KISS and bullet proof.
  9. chnlisle

    popup shadow cruiser

    Your set up looks great. Enjoy it. I've tried to stop fixating on my MPG. I am way better than I used to be. I love my truck. I love my camper. And the MPG? As the saying goes, it is what it is. Have fun!
  10. chnlisle


    Julian, The fab work is amazing. I look forward to every installment. I can hardly wait to see it in action but then I'll miss the build so you'll have to start another project as soon as this one is finished
  11. chnlisle


    Julian, Have got a ball park figure on final weight?
  12. chnlisle

    Dometic propane frig odd problem
  13. chnlisle

    Shackle through the hitch for recovery?
  14. chnlisle

    Camper and Truck Photos

    Skull Rock KOFA NWR
  15. chnlisle


    I have deleted the offending post and again I apologize .
  16. chnlisle


    To be clear I was neither calling you a Nazi nor suggesting that. It was my poor attempt at irony. Please accept my apology for offending you. I admire your work and am an avid follower.
  17. chnlisle

    ignition disabler switch

    I ran a to-from wire from the coil to a push on/push off button mounted under the carpet of my 911. It worked perfectly, was completely hidden and thwarted 6 thefts.....that I know of.
  18. chnlisle


    I was stationed in Boeblingen in 1968 before going to Vietnam. Panzer kaserne. I'm sure it doesn't Look anything like I remember it. Keep up you great fabricating, we all enjoy your Posts.
  19. chnlisle

    How do you carry your chain saw

    In the bed of the truck with my goalie mask.
  20. chnlisle


    Love the Baden-Wurttemburg safety shield. I had a lot of fun in that area way back when.