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  1. Stone Cite

    Price drop!! Fully Built FJ cruiser on 35s, DFW TX $25k

    Bump for a solid rig at a good price. @nemesisnight, DFW is not Timber Lakes.... hmm?
  2. Stone Cite

    2021 Toyota Tundra Limited - 16k Miles Bend, Oregon

    for what it's worth Jack, photo above shows the TRD Off Road decal on the truck bed...
  3. Stone Cite


    Location in N California?
  4. Stone Cite

    2020 Dodge 3500 - 4x4 Overland Class-C Toy Hauler RV with Garage $225k

    I agree. The truck chassis...perhaps with a crew cab & pass thru... there's plenty of people that want true 4 season composite construction on a 4x4 truck chassis (not sprinter) that' s a much lower price point than Earth Roamer or Tiger. Especially if they offered just truck and the shell...
  5. Stone Cite

    2020 Dodge 3500 - 4x4 Overland Class-C Toy Hauler RV with Garage $225k

    That is nice. Moto, e-bike storage. Looks to be built for 4 seasons. me thinking of building something similar for much less the price. I definitely like it.
  6. Stone Cite

    Pending: 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4 Door Sport $5500 -Richmond, VA-

    seeing a lower priced 4x4 on Expo classifieds someone can have a weekend adventure in is nice for a change.... especially amongst all the new, latest greatest, hi-tech premium vehicles 🙂 (although I still enjoy reading all rigs posted). GLWS !
  7. Stone Cite

    Nitro Gear Ford Superduty 4x4 RV, cummins, 41" military tires, sleeps 6 *SOLD/PENDING

    ************** = verysmartbuyer Definitely a great rig. Wish I was in a position to buy it,would have to sell some real estate first- also, in reality I prob can't use it as often as I'd like. It'll sell soon. cool rig that checks alot of boxes. GLWS !
  8. Stone Cite

    2001 Minnie Winnie 7.3 Diesel 4x4 RV $33,500

    Wife’s first reaction, “it’s old.” Second reaction, “it’s ugly.” I give her a day to think about it, and I tell her I’m going to call and if necessary buy a one way ticket to Orlando tomorrow. She says, “no you’re not, we don’t have anywhere to store it…” Last night, she said, “we should...
  9. Stone Cite

    2001 Minnie Winnie 7.3 Diesel 4x4 RV $33,500

    Here you go..... yes, some may find it weird, but I have a word document saved with many, many ads of rigs I've seen posted for sale - covering multiple years.. haha. 2001 Minnie 24ft 7.3L 4x4 with Corner bed 71k Very clean! Unicorn - $33,500 (Orlando) winnebago minnie...
  10. Stone Cite

    2019 Overlander (Unbound Freedom) $210k CAD

    Check this link:
  11. Stone Cite

    2019 Overlander (Unbound Freedom) $210k CAD

    Check this link:
  12. Stone Cite

    SOLD - VANKIND: 2014 E350EB 4x4 6.8L V10 gas, 41k, Agile 4x4, VanHaus Interior, TransferFlow, Aluminess, and more...

    That's saying a lot...86scotty's been around awhile, seen more van rigs than most-
  13. Stone Cite

    Fiamma Awnings

    ^^^ Ray is a great guy to deal with. Nice to see you over here on Expo- see you on the other [SMB] side :cool:
  14. Stone Cite

    WTB: Overland/Camper vehicle 30-40k

    PM me if interested: exceptionally clean, ~90K miles, 2WD limited slip rear diff, 5.4L V8, always garaged.
  15. Stone Cite

    4x4 motorhome majestic 19G - San Diego Craigslist

    Likely not the same rig.... differences I noticed are fender flares, wheels, bumper lights (square vs round), overhead light, cab steps are same but black vs white.... almost certain they're both halcon conversions though. I also like the 5.4 as it is what I have...although I'd rather own a...
  16. Stone Cite

    1997 7.3 F-350 4x4 Ambulance, 60k original miles, $38,000

    ^^^ Definitely agree. it's the solid four season box with built-in outside storage on a 4x4 truck chassis that I want. Adding solar, water, whatever etc. is the affordable and easy part...