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    Moving a Flatbed FWC Without a Flatbed Truck

    Looking at purchasing a flatbed FWC about 1.5 hrs away from home, but my truck and flatbed are still a few months away from arriving. The camper is 80” wide and 8ft long. Any advice for how to transport a flatbed FWC without a flatbed truck? My initial ideas are: 1. Rent the F250 Home Depot...
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    SOLD - 1993 Four Wheel Camper (Cascade, CO) $5000

    I thought half of Texas was already in Colorado 😉
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    SOLD - 1993 Four Wheel Camper (Cascade, CO) $5000

    Selling my 1993 Four Wheel Campers slide in truck camper. This is an 8ft model and should fit in most full size trucks - I had planned to use it in a 2012 Ram 2500 with a 6 1/3ft bed. The dry weight is right around 1000lbs so it would probably work well on most 1/2 ton trucks too. I bought this...