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    For Sale: Drifta Drawers System - Made in Australia

    What’s the width of the fridge slide area? In other words trying to see if a Dometic 75 DZ will fit.
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    Need help designing awning supports for my camp trailer.

    My thought is to have steel brackets fabricated that are L shaped and come of the frame of the camper, if they are made hollow enough that you can then slide the 80/20 into the brackets and drill holes through the 80/20 and the brackets to use pins to hold the 80/20 stable. If the brackets can...
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    spray foam insulation, is it safe?

    Ah, but Matt Risinger did use Spray Foam in that house in some places.
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    spray foam insulation, is it safe?

    Scientifically an Air-Tight house is the desired result. You should control what air comes into and out of the house. A house is a system you can choose whether it's passive or active. The two camps seem to be at opposing sides in this, but actually both sides are correct in specific situations...
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    How To Isolate Section Of 12 V Freezer To Use As Refrigerator?

    I don't know if it would work, but my Engel has a plastic partition surrounded by rubber (I'm assumed it's filled with foam, and two rubber mats for the floor, I can make the whole thing fridge or freezer by taking the partition out. I can also change the size of the freezer area to the large...
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    spray foam insulation, is it safe?

    The chemicals are combined when they are installing/spraying it. You must use someone that is certified in this. If they don't know what they are doing, then you will get lethal off-gassing. My suggestion is go with closed-cell spray foam in the crawl space since you have moisture. Open-Cell...
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    Anyone deal with Bivouac Overland LLC in Houston?

    Yeah, the only time he called me was when Amex took the money back from him and threatened to sue me. I told him go for it.
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    New Bronco

    I agree, for me it was the perfect package, especially since you get the 4.7 gears when you get the manual transmission in the badlands. I knew I'd struggle with moving around and mounting a 35" wheel and tire combo. This thing definitely checks all the boxes. The only thing that would of sent...
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    These have become my new favorites, OXO Outdoor Carbon Steel Fry Pan with Removable Handle - 10" Comes in an 8" size too, seems to be only available through REI
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    New Bronco

    I was finally able to pick her up and buy her on 2/8/23. This thing is a beast off-road. Unfortunately, I had to trade in my Miata to get her, but it was better than having a car payment.
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    Colorado ZR2 Bison Build

    When I first installed the Sy-clone, I installed it in the wrong direction and it was quiet as could be. When I realized that the ejection slot needs to be faced towards the rear, I rotated it to the correct position. Now I can hear the blades when I step on the throttle hard as well as some...
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    Colorado ZR2 Bison Build

    I second the recommendation on the pre-air filter Sy-clone. You can imagine how dusty things get during the summer here in Texas, especially West Texas and New Mexico. I purchased one after going through a major dust storm and had to change out my air filter two times in two hours.
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    Colorado ZR2 Bison Build

    I have the snorkel and while it does block a minuscule amount of the view, it's not blocking much of anything and it's definitely not intrusive. I've never had a instance, where I've said, I can't see something because of it. AEV/GM did a really good job of designing this snorkel. And Dave from...
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    Anyone deal with Bivouac Overland LLC in Houston?

    Did you give the $1500 dollars through a credit card? If so, tell them your experience and they will reach out to the merchant, which could get results for you. American Express gave me all my money back from buying an Alu-Cab RTT from Bomber Products, simply because they refused to respond to...
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    supplement 12v freezer for cooler

    Are you supplementing the ice with "ice packs" those really help in keeping the "real" ice frozen longer. If you go down the small 12v freezer route, I would suggest freezing those rather than just water.
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    Quality 12V Kettle

    I would think with your rig running that the Bluetti and EcoFlow would still loose a lot of power and only slowly charge them back up through 12v sockets on the rig. I think you would have the quickest heat up time and little setup with something like a Jet Boil or the like. Heating water...
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    Is it worth to invest an expensive portable solar generator for camping?

    If you find you want one, why not make a post in your location area and see if someone will rent you theres, after using one on your trip, then you'll know if it's worth the investment?
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    Brackets for 8020 roof rack build mounted to a Fiberine high top.

    Rhino Rack has a False Gutter set, if you use their recommend legs with it, you should be able to attach the legs to attach to the 80/20 bars. Otherwise, I think you can get some...
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    New Bronco

    Mine's finally been produced, placed my reservation on 12/26/2020, it's been a long time coming, now I just have to wait for delivery to my dealer: Badlands, MT, Lux package and Tow Package
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    You could simply unscrew it. You can also get a 2" replacement one: