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  1. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Hey hey dreamers! Wanted to wish you good luck on your hunt for the camper you’re dreaming big of! We’re still rolling! Many fixes, tinkers and upgrades since my last post, but we got a new “Main Power Unit” (truck) so I wanted to give you some good inspiration
  2. subterran

    Need a source for rollover sofa hardware (hinge-things)

    Actually, I checked last night and they were not available, but I added them to my want list. I checked back today, and they are available again. I just ordered a pair. Thanks Spiglord! Now I can fianlly put this project to rest!!
  3. subterran

    FWC Keystone remodel and short bed conversion

    Good LORD! I am over here wondering why you didn't just re-fab the whole camper? Great work!
  4. subterran

    Composite pop up project

  5. subterran

    DIY Pop Up Box Camper

    Hey! Lookin good! Take a look at the youtube vid that this guy (who has done his own great DIY build) just posted about this very subject: [URL=""] I thought his was a simple yet strong...
  6. subterran

    Those of you hauling campers with first gen tacomas?

    My rig build and upgrade thread is in my signature. I get about 18-22 without the camper and 16-18 with. I'm quite satisfied with my junk's abilities, handling, etc. I should add: my camper rig is the 3.4 V6. My wife has the identical truck but the 2.7 I4, and I would not put my camper on her...
  7. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Add Multi-Purpose, Ultralight Lifeboat with motor (with pix of boat and motor!) Howdy Hi! Time for more camper shenanigans! For those of you keeping up with this experiment in Redneck engineering... For some time I have needed 1. A Bike - for both casual and emergency "lifeboat" duty...
  8. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Hey Rangerdogg, Still not much to report on the battery yet because it's actually in my other trailer camper at present. The battery system over there had failed, and we are planning on taking it instead of the truck camper to Florida in a few weeks, so I put it in there for a short period. In...
  9. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Hi ajmaudio! My family is from Tellico Plains. I spent most summers there growing up, so I know the area fairly well. I may be stretching it just a little to call that area the "Tellico basin", when I say that I really mean that whole Tellico / Cherohala / North river / Santeetla area. Those...
  10. subterran

    Living that Skamper Life

    Lookin' good! I got a stick-on solar panel that I used to beef up my center roof seam. Like this one: Or you might use eternabond...
  11. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Here's a picture of us camping last weekend. Weirdest 'winter' ever in the southeast. Not looking forward to Tick and Chigger season this time!
  12. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Be careful what you ask for - I'm "wordy"! Inside updates - hmmm. Well, I did upgrade the bed a while back. The old bed was only partially removable. Only the back half (the cabover part) was a removable cushion. The front half, part of which extends into the living space, was 'built in'. This...
  13. subterran

    4 cylinder Tacoma + FWC?

    +1 on "yes it will do it", and also +4 on "spend the money on upgrading the suspension". I run a similar configuration, and I can add - drive with it quiet (no radio, etc) often, and listen for bearing noise. Especially if you have lots of miles on your truck. The extra weight can cause...
  14. subterran

    curiosity killed the...camper

    Flyfisheraa573: There is not one reason in the world you can't do that. I did not build mine, but it's made from plywood and aluminum siding, and I very easily could have built it myself. It is durable, and works great for me. I take it anywhere I want - on bad 4x4 roads and everywhere with no...
  15. subterran

    Pop up center canopy

    Not sure if this is anything like what you mean, maybe even opposite, but it's worth a mention...
  16. subterran

    Four Wheel camper remodel-advice needed!

    Hi! I just replaced my mattress not long ago, and I can't say enough good things about this company I used: I have very little experience in foams, so I called them up, and they helped me navigate the MANY choices in regular foams and memory...
  17. subterran

    Pop-top wall fabric: What's the best, easiest to work with for a DIY job?

    Mine is made from PVC coated nylon "truck tarp' material. It was made in 1988, and still going pretty strong. Easy to find on the web or at awning shops locally (but you'll pay more) All the best!
  18. subterran

    My attempt at a Pop-up........It begins....

    Go man go. I'll be watching! :coffee:
  19. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    @ Rangerdogg: Thank you sir! @ kerry: You know, I didnt ask about the paint. It's certainly enamel based from rattle-cans. It adhered very well. The artist actually has a gallery and shop where he builds custom cars. He gave me a lifetime warranty on the paint: "If it ever scratches or chips...
  20. subterran

    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Paint Job! Well, it's been a bit since I've posted. I'm still tinkering with the camper. My last upgrade was paint. The old eggshell and white paint was looking tired. I talked to some vinyl wrap guys, but they seemed to think that the woodgrain texture on the aluminum sides wouldn't be a good...