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  1. Mighty Dodge Ram

    2022 Silverado 1500 returning 21.7 mpg

    2010 Suburban 4WD with the 5.3. Wife regularly gets 16/17 mixed to work and back. We see 20s on the highway, fully loaded with gear and people. Closing in on 200k and still going strong. 👍
  2. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Falken Tires

    If you can find them. I’ve called/emailed Cooper several times and I keep getting told “soon”. BTW: exemplary customer service from them. I always receive prompt responses to my idiot questions. 👍
  3. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Leer, ARE, other?

    My current Leer is far inferior to my past Snugtop. I wish Snugtop made a hi-rise, I’d buy it in a second. No experience with ARE.
  4. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I didn’t know Knapheide made those type of units…nice work! Is it steel or aluminum?
  5. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Hardshell RTT vs Truck Canopy

    Some very insightful comments being posted. I’m solidly in the canopy camp. More secure in weather without the setup. My first canopy was a cab-hi Snugtop, very good quality. You can sit up if you’re sleeping on the “floor” but not if you’re on a platform. My current is a hi-top Leer, not the...
  6. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Ford F350 Shock Upgrade Recommendations

    I’ll venture into this discussion since I’ve run quite a few variations. Rancho 9000s…my OCD found me under the truck trying to find the perfect tune for different profiles. I was too cheap to buy the remote controller. FOX shocks were fantastic in high speed desert running, something I did only...
  7. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Sold: Callen Camper 4 Sale

    If only it was for a longbed! GLWS
  8. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Desert Trip 2022, Tour De Hanksville (UT)

    Great TR Rob. Good advice about getting out there with what you have, especially with the route you planned out this year. And yes, July in the desert is a bit insane for anyone other than a true desert rat. 😂
  9. Mighty Dodge Ram

    K5 Camper. My offroad home away from home.

    Have fun! I‘ll follow on SPOT.
  10. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Lets see those OBS Ford / Chevy builds...

    Now that’s a classic Callen. Any idea what vintage it is?
  11. Mighty Dodge Ram

    If you had to do it AGAIN...

    2010 Burb with the 5.3 and 6L60 here, 185k miles on the odo. Mentioned before in different posts: synthetic oil change every 5k regardless of what the oil usage tells you and regular trans FLUSH, I estimate we do it some where between 12-20k which is at least once a year, maybe twice depending...
  12. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Recommendation - durable 270 awning?

    This is in response to your comment re: Batwings and fragility. If you haven’t already, check out Paul May’s (Equipt Expedition Outfitters) video on 270 awnings. He sells the Eezi Awn but brings up a really good point about all of these awnings…unless you’re absolutely sure about the weather...
  13. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Dometic Fridge, Advice Needed

    I’ve posted about my troubles with Dometic products in the Camping forum. Don’t get me started on their RV products. Support for their portable units is almost non-existent in the US. When the upper control unit on my CFX75DZ stopped working properly (older model, not the trouble prone CFX3)...
  14. Mighty Dodge Ram

    DIY 8020 Pop-up Topper Build (2014 GMC Sierra 1500)

    I think that’s a great concept/project, albeit pricey. But that’s the “cost” of not using traditional welding methods/skills, skills I certainly don’t possess. I first saw, as did many in the audience, 80/20 being used in Bryon Bass’ E350 back at an OEX in Amado AZ (Might have been Mormon Lake...
  15. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Just put a set on the Chevy 2500HD in the 265/75-16 LR-E flavor. I have these on the wife’s Suburban (p-metric) and am very happy with the drivability. This truck sees mainly highway with some FS road driving. If I can negotiate the Mojave Rd after lowering pressures I’ll be impressed.
  16. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Best aggressive but not “all terrain” tires for my transit connect

    Just popped a set of the Michelin Defender LTX on the truck. LR-E due to the GVWR of the truck but very similar driving requirements as you.
  17. Mighty Dodge Ram

    Dometic CFX Control Panel Help

    CFX75DZ (not the CFX3) several years old and not used much other than garage duty and light trips. The “+” button has stopped “responding”. It still feels as if it clicks, but it does not adjust the temp up. I’ve tried spraying contact cleaner in the area but no-go. Any suggestions before I...
  18. Mighty Dodge Ram

    K5 Camper. My offroad home away from home.

    Bummer…but glad to hear it’ll be back soon. 👍