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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    Excited to see this offered as a stand alone DIY build for ____________ rig you have as well. I want to build it to fit on top of a Jeep LJ like was previously mentioned in the thread Previous poster wanted for a JKU. Open floor design not a RTT just a lower and upper ring with tie in points...
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    flip-back build

    From Dayton here! Like your design and ingenuity. My dad lives in Marysville and we are both getting into overlanding. I have an LJ and Commander and he has a grand Cherokee. Looking forward to getting out soon as the weather breaks.
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    Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)

    Wow sweet build! I was wondering if you have ever had problems with not having valves on each side of your water tank. It seems to me that if you were not perfectly level that you might suck one side dry before the other. If you put a ball valve on both sides then you could set it up like a...
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    LJ for Overland

    Did you copy and paste in the picture? You guys must shop at the same store:)
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    Polaris is about to screw the good folks at 4WD hardware

    Yes they are popular and so is Trump and the Trump economy. Business takeovers and buyouts happen in a growing economy. Get used to it. It's the evolution of business. TAXATION REDUCTION! Put the money back into companies and consumers and they will use it and buy with it!