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  1. shane4x4

    Selected Trips from Hema Explorer Cloud

    I thought it may be useful to add links to notable trips that are available for anyone to use (for free) in the Hema Explorer Cloud ( If you create a free Hema Cloud account and download the app (, you can add any of these trips to your account with 1...
  2. shane4x4

    2016 Hema Maps Continental Divide Expedition

    As some of you know I've been helping Hema Maps for the last couple of years with their North American Explorer App ( Last year we planned & executed an epic 6,500 mile expedition from the Mexican border to Prudhoe Bay, AK along the Continental Divide. While we had...
  3. shane4x4

    FS: Manley ORV EXPLORE w/CVT Family-Style tent & upgrades $6500 (Colorado)

    We're selling our Manley ORV EXPLORE Trailer with one of the first CVT-12 Family Tents! This trailer is bombproof yet relatively lightweight considering the capability. Here's how she arrived from the factory: 2" Ball Coupler Removable Hard Aluminum Lid Kilby Max Coupler Spare Wheel &...
  4. shane4x4

    What would you want in the perfect mapping app?

    I'm doing a little un-official research on what it would take to create the 'ultimate' mapping app for exploring unpaved parts of our country. So...if you could wave a magic wand and build the perfect app for exploring, what features would it have? Map types? USGS Topo Satellite Streets...
  5. shane4x4

    Our 2015 Tundra!!

    As it turns out....the 2006 Tundra didn't work for what we need, so here we go.. Our hauler and exploration rig. A 2015 Tundra Limited Crewmax in gorgeous Radiant Red. This truck will soon be the new flagship for Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine, and we're hoping to feature...
  6. shane4x4

    TRD Pro First Look from Vegas

    Jim went to Vegas last weekend to check out all three TRD Pro trucks: Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner. His first article is now on the site, so check it out: Short version: These things are great, even though they're not as tricked...
  7. shane4x4

    Vegas Meetup with TRD Pro Trucks!

    Interested in seeing the TRD Pro trucks up close? Jim is in Vegas this week test driving the TRD Pro series Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner with Toyota & TRD. They've graciously offered to help us host a meetup tomorrow morning at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Join us from 10am-12pm TOMORROW, May 3...
  8. shane4x4

    4 Door FJ-40 from RedLine Land Cruisers: FJ-UTE

    So, Red Line Land Cruisers just announced a turn-key $49k 4 Door FJ-40 vehicle. Basically, they take an Aqualu Body, a donor 80-series, and build a sweet 4 door 40, for less than the $100k+ FJ-44 from Icon. To me, getting it under $50 for a 'brand new' 40 is key. If you want do build it...
  9. shane4x4

    Land Cruiser History Article Updated

    So, we've managed to get an update done on our Land Cruiser History article. So far we have some great resources that delve into the history quite well, you've probably seen some of these before. We're hoping to continue to add to this article over time, and especially want to hear personal...
  10. shane4x4 site has been completely re-done

    Welcome to the modern age TRD :) (kind of, it's not mobile friendly). I am glad TRD finally updated their site to include real content that is pretty interesting. They have TRD history with some great Ivan Stewart articles, videos with Toyota Engineers, plenty of racing & performance stuff...
  11. shane4x4

    A new way to get your Toyota Overland Fix

    As some of you know, we announced Toyota Cruisers & Trucks (TCT) Magazine in September. Our main sections for the new magazine include: Land Cruiser FJ Cruiser 4Runner Toyota Trucks Outdoor Life Toyota International TCT Events and.... Toyota Overland Well, I just picked up a new domain so...
  12. shane4x4

    Just put Monte's EPIC Part 2 online

    Monte's EPIC 3 state adventure, part 2, is now live on the TCT Magazine site. All 34 pics from this article are included as well: This is a great tale of adventure with fun, friends, and of course Toyota Trucks Part of the final...
  13. shane4x4

    The final issue as FJC Magazine

    As you may have seen, we're merging into TCT Magazine beginning in January. Well, we just published the final full FJC Magazine issue for October, you can get it here: Plenty of good coverage in there, mostly events this...
  14. shane4x4

    2014 4Runner Photos (a few to start with)

    We had the opportunity to play with the 2014 4Runner (including the soft Limited version) at the FJ Summit. We pulled a few pics from our selection to share ;) Does everyone still hate it??
  15. shane4x4

    LIVE STREAM A/T Overland Heater Build Suday June 30th

    Check out our Live Cam on Sunday starting at 10am for our livestream of the A/T Overland DIY Portable Heater build. From unboxing to (hopefully) working, the kit will take a few hours to build so check in if you're not out playing ;) The full build will be streamed live at...
  16. shane4x4

    CONFIRMED! Reliable sources state 2014 will be the last FJC Model year

    It's true, according to our source, that the FJC will not be produced after the 2014 MY. Our source confirms that internal Toyota systems show 2014 as the last year to order FJs from the factory. While Toyota hasn't confirmed anything beyond 'there will be a 2014 FJ Cruiser', we think this...
  17. shane4x4

    Freelance Video Editor Needed!

    Hey everyone, I'm putting the call out for a student/semi-pro video editor. I've done basic editing & can hack stuff together, but it takes WAY too long and I have projects piling up. I'm looking at doing a variety of off-road/overland related videos. Basically I'll provide raw footage and...
  18. shane4x4

    Our Manley ORV EXPLORE Build Thread

    So our Manley ORV EXPLORE model arrived last week and is patiently awaiting a few mods. Here she is on day #1: We have a few things to do before our maiden voyage to Sedona in April, and of course we'll be at the FJC/Tacoma camping area with her at Overland Expo. And you may see her cruising...
  19. shane4x4

    FunTreks AZ Book, 2nd Edition

    Wanted to point out that the new FunTreks Arizona 4x4 Book (2nd edition) is now shipping. Matt did a great write up on it here:
  20. shane4x4

    My new callsign :)

    My vanity callsign came through today, very cool! Old: KC0KWO (for over 10 years) NEW: K2TRL ;) Now I'm off to try to make contact!