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    Operating cost of earthcruisers?

    I betting that tire rotation method would be worth it's own thread. I rotated 5 tires with our SMB and then had a "tire guy" tell me not to. So I didn't with my next set and didn't see any difference. <shoulder shrug> Nice rig Glen.
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    I think I'm starting to understand Felipe's sense of frustration.
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    Felipe, Good Luck to you and your wife on your big adventure. And of course, we all would like to hear about your truck (I won't be at Overland Expo or would meet you in person) I'd love to hear how your trip is going so don't hesitate to post updates on the forum. (Which makes me wonder if...
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    Rugged Off-Road Hitch Rack

    I also noticed that the 1up website had a handy "indoor storage" product application that allows you to effectively mount a "receiver hitch" on the wall of your shop or garage and just remove your bikes - hitch and all - and just plug it into the wall. I'm sure it would be easy to fab...
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    Rugged Off-Road Hitch Rack

    Looks like a good option too. Any problems with reduced airflow up front? One thing I actually like about the Kenworth is the air dams on either side of the "hood" to funnel air. We may end up with something up front but since I only need room for one bike, hanging it off the back will be...
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    Rugged Off-Road Hitch Rack

    In my search for a decent rack for our new truck, I came across the 1up Super Duty Rack. This is definitely going to fit the bill for us. Wade, I noticed a rather nifty "swing away" accessory on their website that might serve your needs. Our application is slightly different than Howard's...
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    Haha. Struck a nerve I see. Yeah, I have no idea of the issue from “their” perspective. Lol. No one is advocating for eliminating ranching on public lands. Only pointing out that the concept of wilderness is in direct conflict with livestock. And that our public lands shouldn’t have...
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    2015 Isuzu NPR Crew cab 4x4 Ultimate Expo Vehicle

    No kidding. Would be straight up perfect. Especially with a roof top tent mother-in-law quarters over the cab.
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    Overlanding Off Road pop up camper

    Nice looking piece of kit.
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    Idaho Tackling a Tough Land Use Issue

    This is certainly a serious issue in at least Idaho and DEFINITELY Colorado. The cynic in me wonders when Idaho's largest landowners (Simplot, Holding Family, Timber Companies) decide this little rebellion of the peasants has gotten out of hand and start greasing palms to keep it from...
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    Going to start a different thread on this so as not to hijack the Mountain Biking slant of this - but it's encouraging nonetheless. Couple MT Bikers in the crowd here as well.....
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    As I've said. That depends on the perspective.......and what you are comparing it to. But if you are trying to sell me that these public land ranchers are - as a group - some downtrodden, put-upon, blue collar land best just keep walking cuz I'm not buying. I think that is...
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    Good info Dave. But at the heart of the matter is the fact that cattlemen haven't had to compete with other users groups for the leasing of that land. Notice I said COMPETE. Clearly, there are plenty of instances of cattlemen losing their lease because of some tree-hugging enterprise...
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    The wilderness act has an exemption in it that allows grazing on ALL wilderness lands - assuming there was grazing occurring at the time of passage. Which pretty much means everywhere grazing is even remotely feasible - because there were cows grazing anywhere they could be supported. So, to...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Apologies, I've already made my choice. I simply thought the discussion had merit in the context of people (like the OP) who are weighing their options across the broad spectrum of choices. EDIT: Speaking of which, is there a specific way you addressed the frame flex on your sprinter with the...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Charlie brings up some interesting points. I don't think it would be considered thread drift to discuss the merits/drawbacks of 3pt mounts in the context of Expedition vehicles. Is there any consensus around when a 3pt is needed/desired vs virtually necessary? Meaning, is there a weight...
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    SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale

    Here we go again.....
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    I’ve always thought the same thing. Can anyone explain the “door within a door”? Is that like a screen door with a cover or something like that? Awesome truck.
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    Why we purchased a GXV Turtle

    Ooooh boy, here comes the hijack...... (not you casa pequena)