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    Patriot Campers USA

    What are we looking at (Ballpark) for a X1N? Any issues towing it with a 3.6 Jeep JLU Rubi?
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    WTB - Patriot Campers X1 or X1N 2017 or newer
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    2021 Turtleback Getaway Trailer T3 Package, Dual Lithium - LIKE NEW

    Dude, I have been lurking in the background, reading intently about your journey from a prospective Turtleback customer to a proud owner. I too have been interested in taking the plunge into a new trailer. Many of your questions, inquiries and postings have helped me as I continue to wrestle...
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    SoCal - Brand New ARB 50qt. Fridge Slide - $300

    Hi, I looked it up and it’s ARB part number: 10900021. Hopefully that helps.
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    SoCal - Brand New ARB 50qt. Fridge Slide - $300

    Hello, it is made to fit both the 37q and 50q ARB fridges. I believe they are roughly the same footprint in terms of how they fit on the slide.
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    SoCal - Brand New ARB 50qt. Fridge Slide - $300

    BUMP - ARB slide still available.
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    SOLD - DFG Offroad Fridge Slide for Dometic CFX 3 55IM - $200 - Local Pickup

    I'm finally getting around to selling this slide after switching from a Dometic fridge to an ARB. The slide is brand new and has never been used. I no longer have the original packaging however. It lists on DFG's website for $285.98. It comes with all four nylon tie-down straps and six mounting...
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    SoCal - Brand New ARB 50qt. Fridge Slide - $300

    ARB 50qt. fridge slide. This was purchased prior to installing my American Adventure Labs rear storage platform. I decided to go with their fridge slide instead of the ARB one. The slide is brand new, never used and still in the original packaging. I'm asking $300 and I would prefer to sell it...
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    SOLD - FreeSpirit Recreation High Country 55" RTT - $1500

    I've decided to move on from my Free Spirit RTT. This tent has been used approximately a half a dozen times and is in excellent condition. It has no rips, tears or flaws and has been cleaned, removed, and stored indoors when not in use. It has the Tri-Layer fabric that has proven to be...
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    Off The Grid Surplus Sponsors Expedition Portal

    I just received my 4.1 trailblazer pants and I love them. I had ordered the 4.0, tapered fit pants initially and found them to be a bit too tapered for my body shape. The 4.1’s are perfect! Nice bit of stretch, fit and feel. They seem very durable and are reinforced in all the logical...
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    Bundutec Bunduawn issues

    Thanks for the info nafod, I just recently purchased the Bund awning and installed it on my Jeep JLU. I have it mounted to a Rhino Pioneer rack. I’ve only managed to take it out on a single outing so far but it worked flawlessly and you’re correct, that thing is huge. I’m wondering if you...
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    SOLD: Yakima Tonneau Kit 1

    Good luck with this! I have the 55” version of this tent and it’s great! Stays super warm in cold temps and insulates from the heat pretty well in warmer weather as well.
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    SOLD - ForSale in SoCal (Temecula area) ARB Zero 73qt fridge

    #1 Hello everyone, I have a ARB Zero 73qt. fridge for sale. It’s brand new and never been out of the box. I’m looking to sell because it wound up being too large to fit in the back of my Jeep JLU. It seems I can’t convince the wife to let me eliminate our rear seats. In any case, I’d like to...
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    SOLD: FS in SoCal: ARB 73qt ZERO freezer/fridge, as new, purchased in March 2020

    Congrats JustABasque! Mine’s available now if anyone is interested.
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    SOLD: FS in SoCal: ARB 73qt ZERO freezer/fridge, as new, purchased in March 2020

    I certainly don’t want to step on any toes but if there winds up being more than one person interested, and someone is left out in the cold, I have the exact same fridge that I’m willing to let go for the same price. I’m also in SoCal (Temecula area). I also have the tie downs and a wiring...
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    GOOSE GEAR Plate System & Drawer Module for Jeep JLU

    Yeah, that’s what I figured. I’ll do a little research and if I think I can make it work I’ll hit you up. Thanks!
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    GOOSE GEAR Plate System & Drawer Module for Jeep JLU

    Any idea if I can squeeze the base plate into a JLU with the subwoofer?